Warframe Tenno Reinforcements: Galatine


Tenno, we have new armaments available to supplement your aresenal. It is the incredible Galatine sword, capable of taking out up to five enemies at once. Described as the “heavy artillery” of melee weapons, this sword will send your enemies flying… in multiple pieces.

With massive charged power and the ability to hit up to five foes in a single swing, the Galatine sword is the heavy artillery of melee weapons. -In game description

Weapon Stats


Mastery Level 3
Damage Type Blade
Weapon Type Melee
Damage 35
Crit Chance 5%
Crit Damage 150%
Attack Rate 1.4 atks/sec
Charge Dmg Type Serrated Blade
Charge Dmg 400
Charge Speed 1.3 sec/charge
Charge Crit Chance 25%
Charge Crit Dmg 200%

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Writer’s Impressions

This sword is the melee weapon we deserve, but not the one we need. The sword itself is very good-looking, and is perfect for those with the guts and stupidity to run up to a group of enemies and backhand them across the room. With the ability to take out up to five enemies and the massive charge damage, this sword will keep on satisfying. It’s definitely worth using an Orokin Catalyst on. Overall, a great weapon. Keep fighting, Tenno!

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