Warframe Tenno Reinforcements: Cernos, Aklex, and the Dual Kama

Tenno, new armaments are available. A new bow, a set of dual pistols, and dual melees are now ready for combat.

First is the all-new Cernos bow. It deals primarily impact damage, making it a Corpus killer. It will shred through shields, and has a high fire rate to keep the pressure on.

The Aklex is the dual version of the Lex pistol. While the accuracy and reload time does suffer, it does provide a superior rate of fire and double the clip capacity, making it deadlier at close-to-midrange combat.

Finally, the Dual Kama is the twin variant of the Kama hatchet. It is an Infestation slayer, with better slash damage and the ability to hit more targets than the single Kama.

Good luck and happy hunting, Tenno.

Author’s Transmission

I personally haven’t had the opportunity to try the Cernos or the Dual Kama, however, they do seem to be nice additions to the Warframe arsenal.

The overall reaction to the Cernos has been very mild, nobody seems to love it or hate it. It certainly fills a much-needed gap in the bows that Damage 2.0 left, so now there is a bow best suited for each faction, respectively.

The Dual Kama is quite unique and fun-looking weapon. However, from the report’s I’ve heard, it’s still not quite worth the cost of construction as it only provides a slight increase over the single Kama. Hopefully it will receive a buff soon to justify it’s existence.

The Aklex is the first dual pistol variant that I have both the single and dual versions. The accuracy, statistically speaking, has suffered quite a bit in comparison to the single Lex. The fire rate, however, is very nice. It is almost as good without mods as the single Lex with full fire-rate mods. The recoil is terrible, but that’s nothing mods can’t cure. Overall, the Aklex is better suited for high-damage, midrange combat, while the Lex still remains the pocket sniper.

I am looking forward to what Digital Extremes has in store for us. Keep calm and code on!



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