Warframe: the Gladvius Dilemma Puts the “War” in “Warframe”

A week ago the Lotus intercepted transmissions from Sargas Ruk of the Grineer Empire and Alad V of the Corpus, demonstrating mounting tensions between the Grineer and Corpus empires. This erupted into a full-scale war only yesterday, October 24th, and this time, the Lotus cannot decisively say which side to fight for.

The conflict began on Gladvius, Mars, and continues to spread throughout the Mars region. Why are they fighting? The Corpus had recently discovered a large cache of Tenno, still in cryosleep, and planned to use them for their secret weapons program. Offended by the Corpus’ violation of contract, the Grineer are using this offense by the Corpus as an excuse to invade Corpus territory and seize power.

On one hand, supporting the Grineer will save the captured Tenno. On the other, supporting the Corpus will ensure the balance of power in the Origin System, preventing the Grineer from gaining the power to destroy us all. Which side will you fight for, Tenno? Choose wisely.

Read about the full details, including operation rewards, here.

Author’s Transmission

This update to Warframe is unlike any other Operation I’ve ever participated in. Not only are Tenno competing against each other, now your rewards are determined by who wins.

I personally am siding with the Corpus. Although it is hard to sacrifice the Tenno who were found by Alad V, the Grineer cannot be allowed to gain too much power. The entire Origin System is at stake.

When you fight for the Grineer, Sargas Ruk says to you, “You shoot well. You cut well. You serve me well.” By contrast, Alad V says that this operation is “the beginning of a beautiful new partnership”. This reveals the character’s attitudes toward the Tenno: Sargas Ruk views them as mere underlings, while Alad considers them partners. This alone is enough to make me side with the Corpus.

The Prova Vandal weapon

Taking a look at the event rewards, the Grineer rewards are better immediately, while the Corpus rewards are better in the long run. I personally prefer the look of the Detron hand cannon (which is the Corpus reward for completing 100 missions if they win), and the Prova Vandal sounds like a much better weapon, statistically speaking, than the Machete Wraith.

The missions themselves are really fun. I love the new cinematic touches they added to the levels, from the ground shaking to alarms blaring. They grant a hefty amount of XP as well, on par with Void missions. They also take a quarter of the normal time Exterminate missions usually take (in comparison to the ranking of the enemies you face).

There is one alternative route to this operation that hasn’t been made obvious, however: one can simply do the same amount of Grineer and Corpus missions, and at the last minute support the winning side. Be weary of this route, however, because it may sow distrust among clan members.

I would advise all players to choose their side wisely, and may the best side win.



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