Warframe: What to Expect From Update 14.5

What to Expect From Update 14.5

Digital Extremes has released a new teaser video showing the major features of Warframe’s next major update (14.5). You can watch the video here. Here’s a breakdown of all the confirmed details of these changes and new additions:

New Tileset: Corpus Ice

This tileset will come with it’s own game-mode, which will replace the Survival mode on planets. Instead of replenishing oxygen that your enemies are somehow able to suck out of a planet, now you and your teammates must fight to survive in a harsh environment, and presumably the mode’s objectives will help keep you alive as you fight endless swarms of enemies. It’s not too unlike regular Survival, but it’ll be interesting to see how it differs.

Mod UI Overhaul

Modules in Warframe are getting a complete makeover. All of the changes are intended to free up more precious screen space for more important functions, such as stats of the weapon/frame/companion you are modifying, or tips on how to use mods. Rarity will be more clearly distinguished, and the mod card will be easier to read while still retaining the same amount of functionality. Finally, the mod card pictures will remain, and can be viewed by hovering over them to expand to their full size.

Kubrow Cosmetic Customization

Kubrows will finally be able to have their fur patterns and colors altered! It is hinted that Kubrows have separate color palettes from the ones used to color Warframes, Weapons and Sentinels. Whether patterns are obtained through genetic imprints or simply through the Market with Platinum remains to be seen. This feature also opens the door for different collars for Kubrows, and perhaps even armor pieces for them as well (new collars and armor for Kubrows are not confirmed, this is just speculation).

Two New Weapons

Finally, two new weapons will be added: the Nukor and the Glaxion. The Nukor sounds distinctly Grineer, although it could easily be a Corpus weapon, while the Glaxion is the Corpus freeze ray that was teased a while back. The Nukor is confirmed to be a radiation-based sidearm, while the Glaxion is a new primary weapon. The Nukor is presumed to always inflict a Radiation proc on targets that get hit by it, while the Glaxion is confirmed to always inflict an Ice (Freeze) proc.

Update 14.5 is expected to be released soon, and will undoubtedly contain more than just the highlighted features that were teased. What is your most anticipated feature that will be added in 14.5? Feel free to comment below with your thoughts.



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