Warframe: How to Complete Specters of Liberty Fast

How to Complete Specters of Liberty Fast

Want to know how to complete Update 13.2’s event, Specters of Liberty, as fast as possible? Here’s the most effective way, regardless of whether you have a stealth frame like Loki!

Choosing Your Weapons

Your warframe really doesn’t matter too much, but I would recommend modding it for speed. This will make running the mission a lot quicker (especially if you have abilities like Nova’s “Wormhole”, Volt’s “Speed”, or Zephyr’s “Tail Wind”).

For your primary, you’re going to want a high burst-DPS weapon like the Paris Prime. Alternatively, you could use a sniper rifle with a fully-upgraded silencer mod (for rifles, the silence mod is “Hush”).

For your secondary, you’ll want something very strong. It doesn’t matter what it is because you won’t be using it, you’ll be loaning it to the hostage so he can defend himself easily.

For your melee, you can bring your weapon of choice. All melee weapons are considered silent, and stealth attacks do a ton of damage. I personally chose to use the Glaive because it’s ranged and makes an explosion on contact with an enemy or a wall.

Finally, for your Sentinel you really can only use Shade. Other sentinels make it basically impossible to stealth around, so if you don’t have Shade, I would recommend un-equipping your Sentinel.

Running the Mission

You can pull this mission off solo or you can play with a friend, they are both equally challenging. If you are playing with a friend, however, I would highly recommend using some form of voice chat (whether it’s the built-in voice chat, Skype, TeamSpeak, or what-have-you). This makes it a lot easier to coordinate stealth movements.

For the first part of the mission, you don’t have to stealth at all. In fact, stealthing will only slow you down. Simply run as fast as you can to the objective (stopping to kill a few enemies occasionally is fine, after all you don’t want to die!).

Once you approach a locked door that requires a team override (yellow panels that have to be activated at the same time to open the door), stop. Hack the security to silence the alarm and kill any nearby enemies. If you wait a while, and there’s no music playing or enemies rushing in, then you’ve successfully returned the base to an unalerted state. Now you can open the door leading to the jail.

When you open the door, quickly kill any nearby guards. If you don’t kill them within half a second, they will alert other Wardens and most likely turn on the kill switch. If they do turn on the kill switch, do not panic, it’s not the end of the world (although you do lose a nice bonus). Quickly find the air vent leading to the back of the jail and save the hostage before time runs out.

However, if you do successfully kill all the Wardens without activating the kill switch, you’re in the clear. Only Wardens can activate the kill-switch, so you will get the “Stealth Rescue” bonus even if it doesn’t say you got it. Hack the jail cells open until you find the hostage, lend him your sidearm, and then head out.

Now you go back to rushing. Unless the area is severely flooded with enemy troops, just rush ahead. The hostage will either teleport to you if you get too far ahead, or stay in the area you left him and defend himself. Either way, if you rush fast enough, you will make it to the end of the level before he has a chance to die, and the mission will be complete.

Congratulations! If you manage to get this technique down, it should only take you roughly 6 minutes to complete each mission on Hard mode (which is located in Ceres). Each Hard mode mission will grant you 9 points if you manage to get all the bonuses, so it will only take 11 runs to finish the event. If you complete it on Nightmare mode, it’ll take you roughly 9 missions to complete if you get all the bonuses. However, Nightmare missions tend to take longer to complete, so I’d recommend playing Hard mode instead.

Other ways to make things go faster:
  • If you have a player with a good Ash, you can use Bladestorm on the Wardens to take them out easily. Use invisiblity before casting Bladestorm, as other Wardens can visually detect an Ash using Bladestorm.
  • A good Loki also makes this much easier, as you can use invisibility to get close to the Wardens and use stealth melee attacks to take them out.
  • The Ogris (a Grineer rocket launcher) is considered silent for some strange reason. If you mod it correctly and score direct hits, you can use it to take out Wardens.

Good luck and enjoy your Syandana Wraith!



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