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Voluc Guide

Voluc Jungle Guide

Written by Brutalz from  Face Your Fears


Voluc is a high risk, high reward champion that fits best in the Jungle. High risk, High reward means that he could either Make or Break a team. One of the best junglers currently in DawnGate.
To be able to clear the Jungle easier, your preferable role would be Hunter: huntersmall



Spell Order

Level 1 Spell:



This is to help you kill the big creeps in the larger camps.

Level 10 Spell:

If you are being attacked alot and needs survivability:



If you love chasing down opponents and is searching to get more kills:(This is also great in Teamfights if you are getting CC:ed.



Level 20 Spell:

Your Level 20 Spell is going to be the one that you did not pick at Level 10.


What skills to acquire first

Max your Devour to increase Jungle clearance and to get increased from Camps.

Secondly, Max Curse_of_Weakness. This is great to hunt down Shapers and it also applies an On-Hit Nuke.

The last but not the least. Sentinel_Strike This ability does INSANE damage and clearly helps to clear the Jungle. But since Voluc does not have a stun, I prefer to Max W first.(Pick this at Level 2 for easier Jungle Clearance)

Voluc’s ultimate is great. It gives you lots of AOE damage at the same time you are regenerating Health. This also scales incredibly well with Inevitability.



Power Loadout (15+ Power)

Power Loadout is great for early Jungle clear. Since Voluc is naturally tanky there is no need to pick any other loadout.
This also scales well into lategame for some extra damage.
– This is my Favorite Loadout for Voluc

Resonance Loadout (3+ Defense Penetration)

Your basic attacks apply one stack of Resonance, dealing 5 to 14 (+3%) bonus magical damage for each stack. Resonance stacks up to 3 times and lasts 4 seconds.

This item is good for new players who are not playing aggressively.
Resonance’s stacks will help with some Jungle Clearing.
This loadout would be your prefered Loadout for most Junglers, but Voluc fits best with Power Loadout.

Do NOT use other Loadouts if you are playing to win!

General Build



Glory > Voracity > Rampancy > Momentum > Adamance > Inevitability

This build helps you with Jungle clearance and the possibility to travel across the map unharmed.


Effects: +400 Health, +38 Armor
Cost: 2440
Passive: Blazing Aura II: Deals 35 (+1.2% of Maximum Health) damage every second to nearby enemies.

Glory is great for early Jungle Dominance, it lets you run into the enemy Jungle and steal their buffs without you having to be afraid to die. Glory’s passive is also great for Jungle clearance since it does damage to all enemies nearby.



Effects: +55 Power, +12% Lifedrain, +15 Mastery
Cost: 3180
Passive: Rising Hunger: Dealing damage grants 4 Power and 1% Lifedrain. This effect stacks up to 5 times for maximum bonus of 20 Power and 5% Lifedrain.

Voracity’s Life Drain combined with your natural haste will help you regenerate Health quickly. I pick this item early to make sure Im always able to clear the Jungle without being afraid of enemy junglers attacking me while I am at low Health.



Effects: +625 Health
Cost: 2450
Passive: Consume III: When a nearby enemy dies there is a 100% chance that you will be healed for 25 Health.
Passive: Juggernaut: Grants 1.5% of Maximum Health as bonus Power

Rampancy combined with Glory is great. Since they both grant the shaper lots of health and damage. Rampancy’s passive fits extremely well with Glory since the power is increased by getting more Health.



Effects: +40 Power, +35 Haste, +25 Magic Resistance, +6% Movespeed
Cost: 2750
Passive: Tenacity II: Reduces the duration of disabling effects by 40%.

Momentum will help you catch up to enemies and also help you with Damage and Defenses towards spell-casters. The passive on Momentum is clearly one of the best passives in the game since all stuns, slows, silences etc, is reduced by 40%.



Effects: +70 Power, +45 Armor
Cost: 2925
Passive: Diehard II: On taking damage that would drop you below 30% Health, you first gain a shield that aborbs 350 health for 5 seconds. This effect has a 60 second cooldown.
Passive: Lockdown: Taking physical damage builds a stack of Lockdown. At 5 stacks Lockdown will activate, reducing any nearby enemies’ movespeed by 30% and attack speed by 40% for 3 seconds.

Adamance helps you survive in teamfights.This also slows every enemy close to you if you are being hit five times. Therefore this is a great choice for overall performance.


Effects: +475 Health, +50 Power
Cost: 2900
Passive: Frost II: Dealing damage will slow the target based on the type of attack used.Ranged attacks: 25%Melee attacks: 40%Spells: 35%AOE and DoT: 15%

Inevitability helps you chase down enemies. Your R will slow everyone around you, your W will do a DOUBLE-SLOW! How awesome isn’t that!?


Jungle Route

My own favorite Jungle Routine for Voluc is: Haste > Their Power > Their Armor
Note – If you are not able to take Their Armor, grab two regular camps, then go back to your Armor. If you want to make sure Your Armor is still up and not stolen, ask your botlane to ward the Jungle.

Jungle Map

Thank you for reading this Short But Effective guide for Voluc – The Devourer.

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