Top 10 MOBA Games

Top 10 MOBA Games

Ive ran this website for over 3 years and im somewhat surprised that i haven’t done a Top 10 list, however now that few NDA’s dropped on the games i could finally make this video and list my personal best MOBA Games of all time. The Criteria is based on my personal gaming experiences, community and the developersThis list doesn’t include upcoming games only ones from the past and currently running.


10) Heroes Of the Storm

When the initial concepts and pictures were shown about game formerly known as Blizzard AllStars i was actually quite excited, however ever since they changed the core concepts of the game and made it team experience based game, i lost lot of interest for the game. I saw lot of flaws in the design model and i think that has overall played lot of part into the games popularity – the game hasn’t taken off as much blizzard probably hoped and they’ve also have been pushing eSports aspect of the game too, but with bad results.

The initial concept of merging all Blizzard owned IP’s is cool and lot of the skin concepts are nice too, same applies for the great graphics. However ive been always “pro-consumer” and this game has rather shocking pricing model for heroes and skins, which makes it probably most expensive MOBA out there – something that i find odd because there is no platform like valve, perfect world or tencent to take a cut from your earnings (Does blizzard believe everything that they make is golden? Think again…..)


9) DOTA 2

Some jimmies will be probably rustled that this game is ranked so poorly on the list, even if its second largest ARTS/MOBA in the market. But let me share my thought process on the ranking, one of things that ive always been very adamant about is the game design philosophy on DOTA, i don’t think game mechanics like Turn Rate, Deny or Absurd amount of RNG (See video here) are very cool nor nice elements to have – some would argue that they bring more “hardcore/difficulty” elements in, but there are trillion other ways to do that, Starcraft 2 doesn’t have turn rates on units, they move very smoothly yet the game still offers ton of difficulty by other methods.

It’s not only the turn rates, its also the attack frames/animations and the camera that make me feel that i don’t have any control over the game and it makes it feel very clunky. It’s not only the game itself that has issues, biggest problem is and always will be the community – one thing i can’t stand is elitism on gaming in general, it doesn’t help that the community isn’t really great when it comes to content creators either, Thoorin/Richard Lewis were pretty much gotten rid off with pitchforks pretty much and my content never really performed well either on the subreddit – the community always chose memes and shitposts over quality content, which is really sad.

Third portion of my issues are with Valve, i never really liked this company and their business practices, they are not very good at communication and haven’t really done particularly good job explaining their thought process on numerous things. I’ve also spoken very much against whole chest system, which is practically form of gambling that many underage children get addicted to – sadly due to its success lot of other gaming companies have adopted the model. Finally there is Icefrog a person who may exist or maybe works for Valve – i generally view him as very unprofessional person based on my previous experiences with him – plus hes getting credit lot of work he didn’t do.

The only reason why dota made it to the list is because the custom games are really fun and lot of people have done great job with them, such as Element TD which i enjoy a lot and play now and then. Graphics always been pretty high tier on Dota however not perhaps the most optimized game out there.


8) Strife

Being frankly honest S2 Games always been bit of a shit show as a company, i don’t want to go much into that but they have made lot of bad decisions and mistakes, i’m not saying that they could have done something to save Strife, but perhaps give it a proper shot perhaps.

Strife always had pretty good optimization as a game, very well functioning game on lower end PC’s and had decent graphics that were bit blend of Disney and i guess Western/Eastern influences mixed? Some of the designs were great and some of them weren’t – honestly i’m kinda mixed there. One thing i hated about this game was the music on the background it was most depressive battle music ive ever heard, it doesn’t fit at all to the atmosphere of the game.

I still think Strife was decent game, since they did try new things like Pet system, Crafting and single player campaigns and i thought that was risky/innovative in some aspects, which i give them kudos for.



I have really only good things to say about Hi-Rez they are one of the most community focused companies out there compared to rest of the MOBA/Gaming scene out there. Top of that they are probably only MOBA along with VainGlory who are constantly doing giveaways, giving away in-game currency (Gems) for free, having double-experience weekends and so on. The game has come a long way since its inception and ive been very happy with the changes ive seen throughout the years.

But for me personally i never could get into it that much because it was 3D MOBA that had rather slow combat compared to Paragon or Gigantic really. In terms of hours played ive sinked quite much time in SMITE so its always been fun to chill out and play some Arena. SMITE has probably best F2P business concept out of all MOBA’s out there – its a company that really care about its players and content creators, we’ve worked couple times with them and they been rather helpful.


6) Paragon

Paragon never was a game that was revolutionary or did anything groundbreaking, they just did the whole 3D Moba thing quite well – reason why i prefer it over SMITE is because is the way that the terrain works in the game and there is proper high ground / low ground elements that play into main concepts as game. Also they have been pushing new characters to the game quite frequently, which is nice in my opinion some moba games tend to suffer from long development cycles (Looking at you Strife).

Paragon will have bright future long as they keep listening community and keep improving the game more and perhaps push another map.


5) Gigantic

One of the most promising games coming out, while the company Motiga had their financial issues and rocks on the road, i believe with new partnership with ARC they can turn the train back on its tracks. What i love about this game is just the pure speed of the gameplay is much faster compared to previous two games Paragon and SMITE. Also lot of people are bound to fall in love with the graphical style that resembles Aizawa’s movies blended with some other western/eastern influences.

While the game is still on its early stages it has shown lot of promise and it can become a big thing when they get things rolling.


4) Arena Of Fate

While Crytek has their problems pushing this baby out of the womb, it doesn’t reduce the overall potential of the game. What i love about Arena Of Fate are the fact that its time based system, which creates more impact gameplay and makes early game count a lot and makes you think every move you make in the game (Plus you don’t have to have 50 minute farming sessions)

Arena Of Fate has very good client and the game itself is well optimized – great options and choices in the menus too. They also have a very cool club system, which is similar to League Of Legends one but is done better and has more features in it. While the gameplay can become bit redundant after while, i think its possible it can be tweaked a bit by adding more options and strategy points around the map. I still have high hopes for this game to make it out on the market.


3) DawnGate

Game that no longer exists, but when it was around it was rather revolutionary and innovative MOBA they did lot of things that many other MOBA’s adopted such as the warding system that League pretty much stole from them (Stealing is the highest form of flattery afterall). What i really liked also about the game was Spirit Gate system, versatile stat system (While it had some flaws in terms of balance) also lot of the character designs were great.

Out of all MOBA games ive played no one put such a high focus on lore than DawnGate did, constant lore pieces revealed as character teasers, weekly comic pages and lore based skins for the characters. sadly the game met premature ending by evil overlords of EA Games – sadly no title really capitalized the fall of DawnGate, so players probably just went back to League and Dota, could’ve been huge chance for Arena Of Fate if they had their shit together back then.


2) League Of Legends

If i would have done this list perhaps a year ago this game would be number one, but there is a limit how many mistakes one game company can make and how long they can keep neglecting their playerbase. I don’t approve many things that Riot has been conducting, which have been very Anti-Esports / Anti-MOBA and Anti-Consumer from many ways. I could go on about how many times they have not respected their own EULA / TOS – but i’m not here to write a novel.

Its not a surprise that lot of the new design choices have been to eliminate one individuals impact on the game and more on team-based focused play-style for that reason i think Season 3 was lot more better than current seasons. Then there are the fiasco with Dynamic queue and sandbox modes (Here is full article of things that they have neglected) Even though the direction of the game is going downhill doesn’t mean its utter shit (yet) i still find lot of satisfaction how smoothly the animations, spells, movements work in the game and how visually appealing the game still is, even though i have lost lot of the charm for it past 6 years.

Its unlikely that Riot will do 180 and turn the game into better direction, they have fallen so far that there is no climbing back from there.

master-x-master-first-closed-beta-test-ncsoft-mmorpg-news1) Master x Master

The Rising star of the MOBA scene is Master x Master if anyone is going to be the next big thing if the company Ncsoft will do every right move. The game offers great controls via WASD which is rather superior to mouse clicking, the game has multiple game modes and mini games to offer to players, what also makes it really cool is that there is lot of PvE missions you can do also with your friends or alone (With leaderboard system that gives you ranking based on your performance)

Not only that of course the game has very good graphics, very good guild system, also Swap system that lets you change character between the two you choose for the mission – this gives you rather interesting blend of strategy for laning phase since the characters you pick don’t share same health, so you can swap one character once he/she hits low health. There is also a healthy emphasis for the lore in this game which is a huge plus.

As a honorable mentions i want to say VainGlory, PrimeWorld and Awesomenauts are rather great games too, but they weren’t quite close to make it to the list – you may share your own personal top 10 list below in the comments if you wish.



Sugi is Owner of MobaMonster. He likes to try/play different Moba games in the market and is very competitive gamer. Currently is looking forward to Strife and Core Masters. Sugi's grammar is bad.

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