Tome: Immortal Arena – Release 2 Patch

Tome: Immortal Arena – Release 2 Patch

The newest addition to the Water Domain, The Krugas, is a Slayer Guardian that stalks its prey with insatiable hunger. See below for full list of updates in Release patch 2.


  • Blood in the Water (Q) – The Krugas swims out and then back in, knocking minions in to the air and striking each Guardian he passes through, dealing damage for each direction traveled.
  • Inkscape (W) – The Krugas surrounds himself in a cloud of ink. The cloud lasts for 5.5 seconds. While The Krugas remains in the cloud, he is stealthed and is only briefly revealed when attacking.
  • Pound of Flesh (E) – The Krugas deals damage to a target enemy. Damaging a Guardian or Monster with any ability grants him a stack of Feeding Frenzy (up to 5), which reduces Pound of Flesh’s cooldown by .3 seconds and grants .2 Movement Speed per stack.
  • Perfect Predator (R) – The Krugas dives underground, becoming untargetable. After 0.5 seconds, he emerges at target point, knocking enemies in to the air and dealing damage.


NEW SKIN: Mystical Robin



  • Razor (Q)
    • Cooldown reduced from 4 to 3 seconds.
  • Cyclone Strike (W)
    • Cooldown reduced from 13 to 9 .
  • Eternal Silence (E)
    • Cooldown reduced from 15 to 8 .
  • Focus (R)
    • Might buff duration increased to 8 from 6.

Auberon, Jin, Malbus, Nyri, and Osric have all new voice overs


Kinetic Kickers – new functionality

  • (Passive) (Unique) When attacked, the wearer’s Movement Speed is increased by .1 for 3 seconds.  This effect can stack up to 5 times and Basic Attacks will consume 1 stack to deal 20% additional damage while active.



  • Improved Shop UI – A new Shop button above your Guardian portrait that can be used to open/close the Item shop.  Note: the original button will continue to work as well.

  • Improved level up effects – we’ve improved the effects for leveling up!


  • Right click to attack now functions on mouse click down instead of mouse click up.
  • Malbus’ Infected Wound (Q) will now only increase damage by 10% as expected.
  • Rian’s Talisman stacks will no longer be used up when Nyri attempts to use her Light the Sky (R) when there are no targets with sufficient charges to activate the ability.
  • Guardians can no longer be feared off the map while in mid-air.
  • Latest Updates are now appropriately updating.
  • Fixed text in various item/ability tooltips to be more accurate.
  • Respawn timer will no longer remain on screen if a Harbinger is dead when an Altar is destroyed.
  • Harbingers can now “clear” their Role and Domain drop down selections in Guardian select.
  • In queue time will now continue if a player fails to enter a match, but is automatically requeued.
  • Tower target reticle will no longer remain over Guardians that are no longer being targeted by a Tower.


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