TI3 Playoff Bracket

TI3 Playoff Bracket

The 2013 Dota 2 International is now a few days in, and with the group stages coming to a close yesterday, it’s almost time for the playoffs to begin.

The top two teams from Group A and B are Na`vi and Alliance.  I don’t think it’s any surprise that they both finished at the top of their respective groups because in many people’s eyes they are the top two teams in the world.  Alliance captured a perfect 14-0 record with Na`vi maintaining a solid 11-3 record.

Here is the complete list of the Group A and B standings.

Note:  Dignitas and LGD.cn played a tiebreaker for the final winners bracket spot with LGD.cn getting the victory.



Since the playoffs are going to be starting tomorrow, we get to see the recently released playoff bracket and check out what the match-ups are going to look like.




After taking a look at the bracket it’s tough to pick one team that I think will come on top.  The favorites, like I mentioned before, are mainly Na`vi and Alliance.  However, you can’t count out 2012 International champions Invictus Gaming (iG) either.  Fnatic, DK, and Neo.Orange had a great group stage as well so I wouldn’t disregard those teams.

In my personal compendium, I chose Na`vi to win it all, however after seeing how Alliance is just dominating every game they play, my gut instinct is going to be with them.

These upcoming few days in Dota 2 should be exciting and thrilling to watch, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the TI3 playoffs.




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