This Weekend in LoL eSports

Time for the weekend, know what that means? eSports ALLL over the place. The weekend kicks off today with the NALCS with a whopping 8 matches throughout the day beginning soon. These are all of the scheduled NALCS matches for this weekend.

The action begins 11:00AM PST/2:00PM EST/ 8:00PM CEST / 4:00AM KST


   38px-Crslogo_std    Curse vs. Vulcun38px-Teamvulcunlogo_std

38px-Velocity_eSportsLogo_stdVelocity vs TSM38px-Tsmlogo_std

38px-C9logo_stdC9 vs. Dignitas38px-Dignitaslogo_std

38px-Clglogo_stdCLG vs. Coast38px-Clogo_std

38px-Crslogo_stdCurse vs. Cloud938px-C9logo_std

38px-Tsmlogo_stdTSM vs. Coast38px-Clogo_std

38px-Velocity_eSportsLogo_stdVelocity vs. CLG38px-Clglogo_std

38px-Dignitaslogo_stdDignitas vs. Vulcun38px-Teamvulcunlogo_std

My predictions for this week are as follows: Curse in Game 1, TSM in Game 2, Dignitas in Game 3, Coast in Game 4, Cloud9 in Game 5, TSM in Game 6, CLG in Game 7, and Vulcun in Game 8.

TSM will be looking to re-solidify themselves as a powerhouse in the NA scene after going 0-3 last week at MLG Anaheim, they need to prove they can still bring it. Dignitas has new resolve after doing well in Week 3, let’s see if it continues, but Vulcun seems to be a thorn in their side. Cloud 9’s dominance is still apparent, but there were upsets last week. CLG must continue their good performance, they went 2-1 last week, that could be 2-0 this week, but we’ll have to watch the games. Curse is still working some things out, but they need to climb the ladder once again and go 2-0 this week to make their record better. We’re nearing the second half of the summer split, so lets see how the teams perform.


Europe begins July 6th beginning 9:00AM PST/ 12:00PM EST / 6:00PM CEST / 1:00AM KST, and continues July 7th at 7:00AM PST / 10:00AM EST / 4:00PM CEST / 11:00PM KST


 38px-Fnaticlogo_stdFnatic vs. MYM38px-Mymlogo_std

38px-GambitLogo_stdGambit vs. aTn38px-Atnlogo_std

38px-Eglogo_stdEG vs. LD38px-Lemondogslogo_std

38px-NiPlogo_stdNiP vs. SK38px-Sklogo_std

38px-Lemondogslogo_stdLD vs. Fnatic38px-Fnaticlogo_std

38px-GambitLogo_stdGambit vs. MYM38px-Mymlogo_std


38px-NiPlogo_stdNiP vs. aTn38px-Atnlogo_std

38px-Eglogo_stdEG vs SK38px-Sklogo_std

38px-Lemondogslogo_stdLD vs Gambit38px-GambitLogo_std

38px-Fnaticlogo_stdFnatic vs aTn38px-Atnlogo_std

38px-Sklogo_stdSK vs MYM38px-Mymlogo_std

38px-NiPlogo_stdNiP vs EG38px-Eglogo_std

There were many upsets last week, Alternate lost to SK, Fnatic lost to Lemondogs, Gambit lost to Ninjas in Pajamas. That just goes to show how every League of Legends match is, and also how close in skill all of these teams are to each other. Predictions: Fnatic over MYM, Alternate over Gambit, Evil Geniuses over Lemondogs, Ninjas in Pajamas over SK, Fnatic over Lemondogs, Gambit over MYM, Alternate over Ninjas in Pajamas, Evil Geniuses over SK, Gambit over Lemondogs, Alternate over Fnatic, SK over MYM, Ninjas in Pajamas over Evil Geniuses in an upset.


I like GPL, they make my predictions look like I know what I am talking as I went 8/9 last weekend. Pretty good percentage if you ask me. As always the format is 3 games per day from Friday through Sunday. Matches begin 4AM/7AM/1PM/7PM (est/pst/cest/kest).


ahqahq vs BKTbkt

sf5SF5 vs MLEmle

sgsSGS vs TPAtpa


sajSAJ vs KLHklh

bktBKT vs SF5sf5

sgsSGS vs MLEmle


sajSAJ vs ahqahq

tpaTPA vs KLHklh

klhKLH vs BKTbkt

As I predicted last week, ahq eSports continued their domination and are now 14/14 and I don’t forsee them stopping. KLH performed well with a 2-1 weekend performance, and TPA also went 3-0. Let’s see if I can sound smart once again. Predictions: ahq over BKT, SF5 over MLE, TPA over SGS, KLH over SAJ, BKT over SF5, SGS over MLE, ahq over SAJ, TPA over KLH, KLH over BKT.


LCS as always can be found on Riot’s LoLChampSeries on Youtube, or on Twitch.

Garena GPL’s twitch channel is

Thanks for reading and enjoy the games!


RyjinX is a enthusiast of gaming all-around, with a primary focus on MOBAs and RPGS. He is an avid League of Legends player and follows the competitive scene to a T. Loves Mega Man.

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