Awesomenauts – Froggy G Guide


Awesomenauts – Froggy G Guide

Froggy G has been in gangs, sent to prison, done some street dancing and has now come to join the Awesomenauts to try and take his mother out of the ghetto marshes of Ribbit IV.  Along with some others Froggy G comes to the PC as one of the original console ‘nauts.  Froggy G brings deadly amounts of damage and stun to take down his enemies both on his skills and auto-attack.  Froggy G can initiate fights with Splash Dash very well as it can stun for up to 1.3 seconds.  He can then follow up with Tornado to deal massive damage to enemies or switch to his powerful Bolt .45 Fish-gun.  Froggy G does come with one major weakness however.  He has the lowest base AND lowest potential health in the game starting at 115HP and maxing out at 190HP.  Froggy G is the very definition of “glass cannon” and Froggy players will need to know when to fight and when not to in order to be successful.


Froggy’s skills are great for both ganking and team fights.  Splash Dash can be used as either an initiation or an escape as it not only has a stun but it also has complete invincibility to all damage except DoT although CC will still be applied normally.  Tornado is a great source of damage dealing 5 ticks of 15 damage over 1.6 seconds at base totalling at 75 damage with all ticks.  However Tornado also slows you down by making your speed 6 for the duration of the skill.  By following up Splash Dash with Tornado you can ensure most of the damage from Tornado will hit.

Splash Dash 

splash“Harnessing his aquatic payload, Froggy launches himself with incredible velocity towards his foes. Dashing straight through multiple targets he leaves them stunned!”

Damage – 25

Stun Duration – 0.7s

Cooldown – 7s

Recovery Time – 0.2s

Splash Dash is Froggy G’s signature skill.  Splash Dash allows Froggy to stun the opponent(s) for 0.7s and 25 damage at base doing weak damage but great stun.  During the dash Froggy G is immune to all damage aside from DoT and most CC will be applied normally.  This makes Splash Dash a great escape tool or a safe poking tool when used correctly.  The stun can be used to easily get more guarantee damage from your other skills.  The stun is also very helpful for disrupting enemies during a team fight or helping your teammates initiate.  To get a longer stun take Ice Cubes and stun your opponents for up to 1.3 seconds.  Combining this with both the Golden Watch and the Clock Necklace upgrades will allow your splash dash to be a supportive 1.3s stun on a 4.6s cooldown.  Ignoring stun completely is completely viable as well.  With Hydro Splash, Hammer Pants and Hydro Smash you can reach a maximum of 79 damage with a 0.7s stun.  A mix of both is always a good choice as well giving good damage and stun.  Knowing when to use Splash Dash and when not to is absolutely crucial.  You always want to make sure you will be safe by the end of it.  Make sure you or your team has a good follow up for your dash or you will be in a very bad position as it is your main escape tool and Froggy G is a very squishy character.  If you are going to follow up your Splash Dash with another one of your skills triangle dashing is a great way to do so.  Triangle Dashing requires Froggy G to jump up and quickly dash downwards at an angle cancelling your dash right next to the opponent.  This will make the recovery time from the dash shorter as well as position you perfectly for a follow up.  See the video by ChainBonus below for a visual of triangle dashing.

Splash Dash is one of the best skills in the game but requires time to master when to use it and when not to.

 A great video made by ChainBonus explaining the triangle dash and showing it off a bit.


nadoFroggy G can transform himself into a whirling waterspout of pain! While spinning madly, he damages everyone foolish enough to come near him!”

Damage – 15

Attack Speed – 150

Speed – 6

Duration – 1.6s

Cooldown – 11.6s

Tornado is one of Froggy’s main sources of damage.  At base it deals 75 damage if all the instances are hit and can easily be used as a follow up to Splash Dash.  If initiating with Splash Dash and all Tornado hits are landed Froggy can get 100 damage from just his 2 skills alone! However Tornado reduces your speed to 6 turning the task of landing all the hits into a very difficult one.  If you want more speed on Tornado you can buy the upgrade Turbo Tape to increase the speed to an incredible 18 allowing you to use Tornado as both a chaser and and an escape.  If you find the speed to be too much buy only one stage to bring the speed to 12.  This is still faster than most ‘nauts can reach so its still effective for escape.  Tornado can be geared towards escape if your main damage source is your auto-attack thanks to Turbo Tape.  If your main source of damage is your Tornado get the upgrade Boom Box to bring your damage to 23 per hit giving you a total of a whopping 115 damage from Tornado alone!  If you feel you can land it buy Twister Tweezers for a 40 damage burst at the end of your Tornado.  The explosion is quite difficult to hit however so only choose this if you know you can land it.  Tornadoalso has 2 very useful defensive upgrades.


Can’t Touch This(right) and Right Back At Ya(left) are Tornado’s 2 defensive upgrades with CTT giving you a shield and RBAY allowing you to reflect projectiles.

The first is called Can’t Touch This and gives your Tornado a 60 damage shield allowing you to tank more damage while in your Tornado.  The second one is called Right Back At Ya! and gives you the ability to reflect projectiles back at the enemy.  This is very situational and is only useful on characters who have an often used projectile skill like Lonestar’s Dynamite or Derpl who is nearly completely countered by it.  The final upgrade Bio Fuel Cells Increases the Tornado duration by 1.2s.  This ability is nearly useless and should almost never be picked up.

Tornado can serve the purpose of damage or defense depending on what your main damage source will be.

Bolt .45 Fish-Gun

fishThe Ribitian Spitfish (Spittious Maximus) is known for its ability to shoot jets of water near the speed of sound. Coaxed correctly, it makes for one lethal ally!”

Damage – 6

Attack Speed – 133.3

DPS – 13.33

Range – 4.8

The Bolt .45 Fish-Gun is Froggy G’s other primary damage source.  With  the max DPS build (Mutant Worms for attack speed, Piranha Cartridges and Thorn Fish for damage) you get a total DPS of 45.1.  Combine this with great mobility and a 1.3 second stun you will be able to take down enemies very quickly while not being restrained by a cooldown.  Froggy G’s auto-attack has more uses than just damage however.  Buying Swirling Octopus Cartridges gives you some extra range on your Fish-Gun.  Viridian Eel Cartridges give your gun the ability to pierce through multiple targets giving more pushing power.  The final upgrade is called Mutant Worms: Limited Ninja Edition(or MWLNE for short).  MWLNE gives your next shot an extra 12 damage whenever you use a skill.  This is great for builds that don’t focus on auto-attack allowing a nice quick burst between skills.

Froggy G’s auto-attack has very impressive DPS but also has more uses than just damage.

Mobility And Health

juuumpCharging his waterpack, Froggy can leap higher than any frog has leap before. The longer the charge, the higher the jump!”

Health – 115

Movement Speed – 8

Height – 1.7

Froggy G as said before is the squishiest character in the game starting with only 115HP.  Because of this knowing when to use your Splash Dash and when to jump in is very crucial to surviving.  Froggy G has one of the highest movement speeds in the game able to outrun almost everyone in the game!  Pair this with his Splash Dash and you have a very hard to catch character.  Froggy also has the highest jump in the game being able to jump almost twice as high as a turret!  Use this to your advantage to reach places enemies can’t.

Froggy G is a very mobile character and if played correctly he can be extremely difficult to kill.


I have no highly recommended items for Froggy G.  Go nuts!


Here is a build by Salkovon for newer players.

Screenshot (13)

This build is made for players who have not unlocked many items yet and are new to the game.  For a more in-depth and customizeable version of this build click here.

The Splash Dash upgrades are for a balance of stun and damage giving respectable amounts of both.  Remember Hammer Pants will not activate unless Splash Dash hits a surface.  Use triangle dashing to get the most out of Hammer Pants.  The Tornado upgrades also give you a little of everything.  CTT is there for the 60 damage shield which is always useful.  Turbo Tape is for chasing and escapes while Boom Box allows you to do more damage.  The auto-attack loadout gives you good DPS with some extra range to make landing shots easier.  The utility row gives you the extra survivability Froggy needs.


Final Verdict

Froggy G is a very powerful character able to initiate and gank extremely well.  He can output tons of damage and has a great escape to top it all off.  Be warned though Froggy is the most fragile character in the game so play with caution.  While his downsides are huge his upsides definitely balance it all out to make him one great character! Stay tuned for more Awesomenauts content in future!.

Shoutout to everyone on from this topic who helped me with this guide!

Check out this amazing Awesomenauts Build Maker!



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