Team FXOpen Roster Changes


So it seems the members of FXOpen eSports current roster decided to depart from the team and go their own way.

That roster consists of:

Jon Nguyen – Westrice in Top Lane

Simon Jeon – heavenTime in the Jungle

Taylor Eder – Arthelon in the mid lane

Robert Lee – ROBERTxLEE as the AD carry

Philip Sohn – NydusHerMain as support

Their new team staff will consist of:

Anne Armstrong – Treasure as their General Manager

Tass Mikronis – Esoterikk as Assistant Team Manager

Luke Knapp – Shizaem as the Team Analyst

George Liu – Zekent as Head Coach

Their new team has been formed under the name “To Be Determined“, if this means the actual name is TBD or if that is the final name is yet to be confirmed. Their subsitutes consist of Zekent, Brian Ahn – Trickz, and Nicholas Smith – NickwuAlthough they have formed under a new team name, since this team already played together at MLG Anaheim where they took 1st place after defeating compLexity. So they have secured their spot to compete in the Season 4 LCS Promotion Tournament.

The main thing I am wondering is, how will the new FXOpen fare in their current tournament obligations as they are entered in the MOBAFire Challenger Series and the National ESL Pro Series Season VII.



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