Supporting in Dawngate: Redefining a Role


Waystone Games Redefines What It Means To Support

Today, let’s take a look at a role that is the least-contested in any game. Be it an RPG, a game of strategy, an FPS, an MMO, you name it. It’s just a common fact. It’s rare to find anyone who wants to play a support. There are a select few who enjoy it, such as myself, and they tend to do much better at it. However, it’s easy to see why someone wouldn’t want to do it. Such is the case with MOBAs, in which case the focus on farm and plays is divided between two people in a lane.

So, let’s take a look at supports in the most popular of the MOBA games, League of Legends. When you support in League of Legends, there are many things you are required to do. You are required to make the plays happen with your CC, which is rather difficult unless you are communicating quickly and reliably, over Skype or Raidcall or what have you. When supporting in League, you’re expected to shoulder the burden of wards, and at lower ranks, warding of the whole map. Your only gold income is from assists, and the items that grant gold over time. And, you’re expected to buy these items. You have to, otherwise you’re not going to get much of any money whatsoever. Riot has given you tools, such as the Sightstone, and support-based items that are rather cheap, and provide few stats. These items make it slightly easier, but it is still the least sought after role.

Kage's Pickphilo stonesight stone

 Typical support requirements in League.


Why Supporting in DawnGate is Different

Nobody wants to play the healer. Nobody really wants to play the tank. Most people want to be out there doing damage and getting money. Dawngate has taken the role of support to the next level, however. In other games, specializing as a support will wind up getting you on the bottom rung, doing a mostly thankless job. This is not to say that people won’t enjoy it sometimes, or that no one treats their supports nicely. But in Dawngate, supports can perform their duties, while still getting enough money to build for damage, health, or resistances.

Kel is your Tank type Support

This is all thanks to the role system of Dawngate. Specifically, the Tactician and Gladiator roles. The role of Gladiator provides bonus vim from last-hitting minions, increasing in number the more you go. The role of Tactician is meant for not just supports, but harassers. Tanks. The Tactician role increases the amount of vim from being around minions when they die. It also provides vim when you deal damage to an enemy, 15 for ranged attacks, 30 for melee. This does not apply only to autoattacks, but abilities as well. The tactician role provides supports with one other thing to do.

Zeri, a utility support Shaper. Full of attitude
Zeri, a utility support Shaper. Full of attitude

Manage the lane. Keep a lookout for anyone coming in from the sides, Prevent ganks and harass the enemies. Soak up damage that your Gladiator cannot. Set up for kills, with your abilities. And a Tactician can do this, simply because they’re not losing any money by doing so. While in League of Legends, the only money you get comes from assists, clearing wards, and gold over time items. It is not nearly comparable to the Vim gained in Dawngate as a tactician.

Dawngate also has plenty of items to facilitate support roles, as well. If you’re a tank, both the Glory and Rampancy items will grant you AoE damage and Power, respectively, scaling with your health. Power items such as Inevitability and Adamance, will grant you slows, and punish the enemy for attacking you, but make you enough of a nuisance that you have to. The bottom line is that, unlike in any other game, you can build your support the way you want to. Power and utility, health and resistances, health and power, and more.

Waystone Games is changing what it means to be a support. When you support in Dawngate, you’re doing much more than providing vision, and applying crowd control effects. When you support in Dawngate, you’re dealing just as much damage as your partners, while enabling your partners to deal so much more. Waystone is providing us with plenty of unique supports to play as well. Listed are just a few that you can try out in the open beta, this very weekend.





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