SuperNova Open Beta Starts Soon

SuperNova Open Beta Starts Soon

Now that SuperNova closed beta has ended, we are soon moving towards the open beta phase of the game. The Clear date is not set yet but i would assume its somewhere around next month according to my own sources.

The Supernova Closed Beta Test has been providing us with a great deal of valuable data and we have you to thank for that! As we grow nearer to the next phases of beta testing, we have come to realize that we will need to take the game offline for some time while we work on making some much needed changes.


We understand that in the past we have stated that this is not something that we would do. However, the data we have indicates that this is the best route to take in the current situation. With that, we are announcing today that Supernova’s first closed beta test will be ending on Thursday, September 24th at 11:00 AM PDT. Please note that this does not mean the end of the CBT rewards program. Your progress towards those rewards will be saved, and you may resume working towards those

rewards when we begin our next Closed Beta Phase.


We’ll be sharing more information about what we’ll be working on during our offline time with you in the coming weeks and we’ll ensure that we provide timely updates of our progress. Please stay tuned for more details, coming soon on our social media channels, website, and forums.


Again, we really want to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to Supernova. Without you, we would not be anywhere.


The Supernova Team

I suggest creating an account and get ready for the Open Beta from here ->



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