Strife Review

Strife Review

Now that open beta has started for Strife i thought it would be great time to do a review about the game. Those who have already played the game should check out the Open Beta Announcement and find out what has changed since closed beta of the game. This review will be mostly based on people who haven’t played the game before.

Strife differs a lot from the other MOBA titles, S2 Games added features from different titles and pretty much combined them to be Strife. Just to list some of the few differences that the other titles do not have compared to Strife.
A Strife Teamfight
  • Courier Who Can’t Die – Similar to DOTA 2 the game uses courier system, but instead of sharing one with the team everyone has their own and you don’t have to buy it. Best part is that it cannot die or nor be controlled. It carries the item pretty fast to the lane, but when it goes back it takes slightly more time.
  • Out of Combat Regen – If you stray away from attacking, using spells or getting hit. Out of a combat regen will kick in and start regenerating your health and mana for your hero.
  • Shared Gold – If you lane with a partner on lane it will split the gold in two with your lane partner when you last hit. So your not forced to play support type of a character who won’t get any gold. Gives flexibility for different team compositions.
  • Fast Games – One of the most appealing sides of Strife is that games won’t last more than 30 minutes most time. The game can be said to be snowbally to some extent, the team that gets most objectives usually wins. Generators (AKA Inhibitors/Barracks) won’t respawn so once they are down your pretty much in a bad spot.
  • Crafting System – Your able to craft out bonuses for all the items inside the game, these can vary from giving more health boost, more mana regen or even a crazy passive. Of course its not P2W element since the actual in-game gold cost increases if you craft an item.
  • Pet System – Instead of summoner spells you have pets that have an ability and few passives that help out your character. Certain pets are really good with certain heroes in the game, usually ranged carries want to run Razer which is a Pet that gives you a Stealth for instance. Your able to feed pets to make them stronger.
  • Free Hero Pool – You can play every game inside the game without a charge. But pets and crafting materials you get from completing games.
  • Leaver System – Every time someone leaves a game they will get a penalty which scales from how much you leave games in Strife. This is a great way to combat players who leave games all the time.
  • Single Player Campaign – There is really great tutorial inside the game, which gives some insight to the storyline of strife. Also recently they released a Lore story where you could play as one of the characters inside the game.


Personal Thoughts

Personally i think Strife remains to be best alternative for League Of Legends type of gameplay along with DawnGate. Its still in open beta and it requires lot of content to be added in order it to compete with the other titles in the moba space. The Game is not ripoff by any means and its standing on its own and S2 Games are dedicated to make the title successful.

That being said there are stuff that game still lacks though. One being probably the lack of mechanically depth Heroes, most of the current cast are pretty easy to play and there is not much skill required to use them, after a one game you pretty much understand the character already. While the game is made for bit younger audience it still should cater something for the competitive scene.

I highly praise the storyline single-player campaign which i played recently. It proved that S2 Games were serious about bringing the lore and making it work. I’m looking forward to play rest of the chapters in the near future.

If you are looking for short Moba games to play during lunch break or something that gives you access to all heroes at once or perhaps tired of League or Dota 2, maybe its time to try out Strife then –





Sugi is Owner of MobaMonster. He likes to try/play different Moba games in the market and is very competitive gamer. Currently is looking forward to Strife and Core Masters. Sugi's grammar is bad.

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