Strife – Patch 0.4.8 Changelog

Strife – Patch 0.4.8 Changelog

Patch 0.4.8 brings a new hero, items, features, rating changes, UI changes and of course plenty of bug fixes. Zaku is joining the arena with his bayou dark magic and bugs, so make sure to keep an eye out for him. Also, to help you guys in battle we’re bringing Arcane Emblem, Oracle’s Trinket and Titanslayer to the shop this patch. We’ve heard your feedback and have taken another look at the rating system that is currently in place.

  • ==New Hero==


Our newest hero, Zaku, is a shamanistic scarab beetle from the bayou of Lyrie. Familiar with both the underworld and the undergrowth, Zaku specializes in creating herbal supplements for his friends, and nasty traps for his enemies. Zaku is a support hero who focuses on area control, healing, and returning allies back from the other side. Take a look at his How to Video.

Bioswarm (Q): Channels a swarm of bugs in target direction, dealing massive damage and shredding enemy armor / magic armor.

Sticky Trap (W): Spawns an invisible trap at target location. Enemies who activate it take damage and are temporarily immobilized. Up to 2 active traps.

Mending Pod (E): Spawns a pod that grows over 10 seconds. Once matured, allies can consume the pod to restore a large amount of health and mana.

Death’s Embrace (R): Target ally to protect them from death for 6 seconds. Should they die in this time, they will be revived shortly after along with several Roaches. Roaches deal damage and slow both attack speed and movespeed.

  • ==New Items==

Check out the video preview HERE.

Arcane Emblem

2100 Gold

Grants 5 Power. Penetrate 18 Magic Armor.*


-Siphoning: 3% Magic Lifesteal (180 Gold)

-Focus: Increase magic penetration by 5, but lose 5 magic armor on your hero (100 Gold)

-Heritage: Each time you deal magic damage to a hero, permanently gain 4 max mana. Stacks 25 times. (250 Gold)

Oracle’s Trinket

3135 Gold

Activate to remove all stuns/slows and provide 50% stun/slow reduction for 2 seconds. If a stun/slow is successfully removed, heal your hero by 180 (scales with power).


-Concentration: Successfully removing stuns/slows also restores 100 mana (150 Gold)

-Diligence: Reduce item’s activation cooldown by 20 seconds (200 Gold)


5150 Gold

Attacks deal additional damage equal to 5% of your target’s Max Health.

Enchantments -Devastation: Adds damage equal to 2% of your hero’s max hp (500 Gold) -Constitution: Increases damage percentage by 2 while above 75% hp (350 Gold)

  • ==New Features==

Learn more about the Ping and Chat wheels HERE and take a look at the video.

Ping Wheel – Holding ALT-Click results in a ping wheel usable with mouse gestures.

Chat Wheel – Holding V opens a chat wheel usable with mouse gestures.

Prize Wheel – The daily spin prize wheel from the Strife mobile app is now usable in the Strife launcher.

Account Boosts – New temporary account boosts have been added in 1, 3, 7 and 30 day versions. These new boosts include a commodity bonus as well as the original experience bonus. There is no longer a permanent lifetime boost for purchase, but existing accounts will keep their lifetime boost if it was previously purchased.

Account Progression has been reworked. As a result pet leveling has been removed and all pets are now max level.

*==PvP Rating Changes==

For the past few weeks we’ve been listening to feedback on the rating system, and are making some changes. There will no longer be a visible account rating associated with unranked play. That being said, players will still be able to view their hero ratings inside their profile.

We want our players to have a way to measure their own skill progression, but found that the combination of account and hero rating was causing some confusion. Long term, we’d love to have an overall account rating return with ranked play. However, in its current form, it felt like a half-measure.

  • ==General==

UI Changes

-New Loading Screen – The loading screen has been revamped to include the display of pets being used.

-PVP Account rating has been removed from the UI.

-Hero rating is now available for viewing in the account info section but has been removed from the postgame and play screens.

-Self Casting can now be used with a bound modifier instead of only on double tap.

-A new post-game screen has been added to better represent the account progression system.

-After a disconnect you are now prompted to “Reconnect” or “Abandon” a game in progress. [color=grey](This change allows you to leave a game that had a leaver and start a new game immediately.)[/color]

  • ==Bug Fixes==

-A couple of unobtainable beta achievement icons were removed.

-Fixed an issue where Curse Voice wouldn’t connect clients who loaded late or too far apart from each other.

-Fixed an issue that was causing quickcast to become unbound when using Malady’s “Golden Gate”(E) ability. (Thanks Lakelol)

-Fixed problems between the interaction of using quick cast with items while your mouse was hovered over the mini-map.

-Fixed a bug that allowed you to use some CC Breaker’s while midair inside of Nikolai’s “Piledriver”(R) ultimate.

-Fixed a bug that caused Ray’s “Burrow Bots”(Q) to be visible through the fog of war and/or bushes on cast.

-The Mute button on the in-game chat now works as intended.

-Fixed a bug with Fitz’s abilities not properly applying themselves after a death.

-Fixed a bug breaking the victim’s name in the event log.



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