Strife – Patch 0.2.37 Changelog

Strife – Patch 0.2.37 Changelog

New Hero: Blazer

-Blazer is a ranged hero who specializes in guerrilla warfare. Sticking to the outskirts of battle, Blazer can send focused shots at enemies, whittling them down from afar. Once she has the advantage, Blazer can quickly seize the moment by sneaking behind enemy lines undetected, finishing off her chosen target. While Blazer is great at fighting on her own terms, you must be careful – she falls quickly when caught out of position.

You can visit her hero page here!

New Gear Sets

-Inspector Ray

-Miner Fetterstone

Spectator UI Updated

-The spectator UI has been completely redesigned with more information

Swap Minimap

-This allows the player to swap the side of the screen in which the minimap appears

Arcade Text

-Multi-kills are much more exciting with brand new arcade text!

Nvidia PhysX Integration

-Players can now enable PhysX to allow parts of the game use a physics engine.

  • ==General==

-ALL heroes have had their mana regeneration slightly reduced in the early game and increased in the late game.

-Out of combat mana regeneration has been increased by 0.6 mana per second.

-Many updates have been made to the introductory missions to reduce downtime and improve flow

-Voice chat has returned for custom lobby games


-Pets have been resized on the pick screens

-The combat log has been updated and cleaned up

  • ==Items==

Mana Regeneration Items

-Mana regeneration provided by items has been reduced by 10% across the board

Teleport Boots

-Now pings the minimap with a team color

-Effect is now team colored at target position

This change makes it easier to notice when Teleport Boots are being used in a lane that has no heroes around to see the beam. As a result, this change mostly affects split pushing.

  • ==Heroes==


-Dragon’s Reach: The knock-up ground effect is more telegraphed

-Model size reduced by 5%


-Power Hungry: Fixed a bug where the skill would become stuck with max charges


-Aether Beam: Now canceled by stuns/hex

-Croaking Curse: Fixed a bug causing CC-immune targets to be affected

  • ==Bugs==

-Fixed inventory slots that would continue to show an item icon and cooldown after being sold

-Fixed issues with leave penalties applying when they shouldn’t

-The ‘ character in channel names will no longer break chat channels

-The minimap now properly shows 7 items on hover, rather than 6

-Fixed server crashes related to crafted items

-Fixed a crash related to death

-Fixed a bug with bot hazards not being consistent



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