Strife Patch 0.2.29

strife_art_rook.0_cinema_720.0Strife Patch 0.2.29

Neutrals and Environment

– The Crux’s 60 bonus Attack Speed from attacking Heroes has been removed.
– Damage per projectile lowered from 78 to 74.
– The second and third attack projectiles deal 80% damage.
– Fixed a bug where the Crux was accounting for Armor twice.

The Crux’s damage was buffed in the previous patch against Heroes. However, after identifying a bug where the Crux was accounting for Armor twice, we decided to re-evaluate the damage that the Crux deals. With these changes, it will be slightly easier to push the Crux directly rather than being required to kill a second Generator.

Baldir and Cindara
– The swords and lasers spawned by each respective Boss will no longer hit players that are not engaging them. The damage dealt from these abilities is now randomized amongst players engaged with the Boss.

Attempting to interrupt the enemy team while they fight a boss would often times cause your team to be hit by the boss’s damage. This created situations of unexpected damage which we have remedied by this change. In addition, a fully random method for distributing damage is more intuitive than the previous complicated method.


Healing Rod
– Lowered the maximum Health restore to 95 from 120.
– Lowered the maximum Mana restore to 75 from 85.

Healing Rod was regenerating at a rate about equal to what you would expect from normal regeneration, while granting the ability to get bursts of Health and Mana. This flexibility made it necessary to lower its values a bit.

Potions & Elixirs
– Regeneration and Clarity Potions have been removed. Elixirs still exist.
– Health Elixir now restores 350 health over 7 seconds, up from 5.

In the last patch Health Elixirs were changed, decreasing how much total Health that it restores, but increasing how quickly the Health is restored. The regeneration rate is now simply too high. We have decided to make the regeneration rate closer to pre-patch levels.

In addition, we removed Regeneration and Clarity Potions because we didn’t like how they compete with Regeneration Components.


– Sounds on many abilities are now limited in playback.
– Several Items and Abilities that were not triggering Tower aggro now properly do so.
– Fixed some sight blockers on the map allowing players to be unintentionally unseen.
– Fixed a bug with Guardian Helm that caused it to restore too much Health when taking small amounts of damage.
– Fixed a bug where Bo’s ult would not hit invulnerable buildings.
– Fixed a bug where Topp’s Burn was not properly classified as splash and DOT damage.
– Fixed some bugs where buff and debuff tooltips were not properly being populated.
– Fixed an issue preventing players from saving their Introductory Campaign progress.
– Fixed an issue where Crafted Items would not be carried into a Match.
– Fixed issues where the game was installed to paths using non-ASCII characters.
– Fixed an issue where the Pet respec cost was improperly displayed as zero.
– Fixed an issue where players under the effects of Shadowveil could not be seen while standing in grass



Kumduh primarily plays Pharaoh in HoN and Ray in Strife.

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