Strife Patch 0.2.25 Preview

MoxieStrife Patch 0.2.25 Preview


With Strife’s Closed Beta Testing well underway, S2 is ready to give us our first preview of an upcoming patch that will address community concerns regarding post match rewards, pet leveling, crafting and enchanting costs, and penalties for leavers.

Rewards at the end of each game are meant to be, well, rewarding! That said, we’ve increased the probability of earning better tier chests; additionally, a “normal player” will no longer earn a chest below tier three – as lower quality chests are reserved for people that accumulate bad karma.

Say goodbye to 4x 1 chests!

We’ve sped up early pet progression and increased the cost for later advancements. Improving pet progression will allow for players to gain access to most of that pets abilities relatively early on.

Crafting and Enchanting
Based on player feedback, players enjoy crafting early-game items – crafting now has a flat fee of 4 ore and does not scale with gold costs.

The enchanting process felt very slow partly due to inconsistent Elixir prices, especially for low-tier items – the increase in Elixir will help speed things up; however, because the increase in resources, Tempering will now see an increase in cost.

Anti-leaver System 
Players leaving, whether it’s during the hero selection stage or during the match has been a concern expressed by players in CBT. To serve as a deterrent, those that elect to opt out of a match before it’s finished will be unable to play again until the previously abandoned game has ended.

S2 claims that these are but a few on a massive list of changes we can expect to see once Patch 0.2.25 goes live.



Kumduh primarily plays Pharaoh in HoN and Ray in Strife.

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