Strife Open Beta: Patch 0.4.12 Changelog

Strife Open Beta: Patch 0.4.12 Changelog

Patch 0.4.12 brings us Bandit.0, the noisy but dependable coin-gobbling slot machine droid from Vorbis. In addition to the newest hero, the Dark Embrace Hale gearset is also now available! Be sure to test your luck with Bandit.0 in the Arena of Strife!

  • ==New Hero==


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Bandit.0 is an ex-slot machine droid from Vorbis. After a number of hacking attempts by unscrupulous casino patrons, Bandit.0 gained sentience and adopted a personality based on his most frequent users: brash, bold and competitive. Armed with attitude, random number generation, and years of gambling experience, he sees the Trials of Strife as a bracket tournament that he is destined to win.

Token Toss (Q): Sends a token in a target direction, damaging and stunning the first enemy hit. If the target is a hero, the token will rebound of them and back to Bandit.0 – granting him a sum of gold!

Searing Cards (W): Sends a burning card at each nearby enemy, dealing initial damage and additional damage over time.

Gambler’s Fortune (E): Target an ally to heal them and give them a short burst of speed.

Double Down (R): Passively grants a chance that your abilities will refund their cooldown and mana cost on use. Activate to guarantee your next ability will refund, and double the odds of additional refunds for the next 8 seconds! But beware, once this wears off you’ll lose your passive for the next minute!

  • ==New Hero Gearset==

-Dark Embrace Hale gearset is now available.

  • ==Bug Fixes==

-Iah’s Quickpit now properly damages bosses.

  • ==Hot Fixes==

These are the fixes that occurred with the previous hot fix patch.

-GoKong’s illusions now properly deal reduced damage from all items.

-Bastions W is no longer blocked by Iah’s minions.



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