Strife Open Beta Patch 0.4.11 Changelog

Strife Open Beta Patch 0.4.11 Changelog

Centuries ago, Iah (pronounced “eye-ah”) was a princess who dabbled in mysticism and sorcery, until her younger brother betrayed her in order to take the throne for himself. Recently resurrected and empowered by the Nestran moon goddess, she has returned as a powerful priestess, and has entered the Trials of Strife with a thirst for vengeance. She will not find peace until balance is restored to Nestra.

Sand Elemental (Q): Target enemy to a summon a Sand Elemental to attack them, dealing damage and slowing the target.

Quickpit (W): Target location to create a sand pit which sucks enemies in and deals damage over a short duration.

Sandstorm (E): Creates sandstorm around Iah which reduces incoming attack damage by a large percentage and grants attack speed around her. Also grants movement speed.

Eclipse (R): Target area to summon a solar eclipse anywhere on the battlefield. After a short delay, heals allies and deals damage to enemies.

==Hero Balance Changes==

-Quick Draw (R): Mana cost reduced to 70,80,90 from 90,100,110

-Predator Strike (Q): Increased cooldown to 12,10,8,6 from 11,9,7,5

-Increased Max HP by about 6% at all levels

-Ball Lightning (W): Decreased cooldown to 7 seconds from 8
-Catastrophe (R): Reduced impact delay to 650ms from 800ms.
-Catastrophe (R): Reduced mana cost to 115,125,135 from 130,150,170

We felt Moxie’s ultimate was just slightly too difficult to land, especially since the cast time increase last patch. This should help Moxie land those game-changing ultimates just a bit more often.

-Relentless Might (Q): Fixed bug causing it to deal about 10% bonus damage at all levels consistently

-Burrow Bots (Q): Changed mana cost to 75,80,85,90 from 70,80,90,100

-Orbital Drop (R): Reduced cooldown to 125,110,95 seconds from 135,120,105
-Orbital Drop (R): Reduced mana cost to 110,120,130 from 120,140,160

Vex is all about exerting map control around the map. The cooldown and manacost on his ultimate were a bit excessive, and were hurting what makes Vex so unique.

-Rocket Jump (R): Reduced stun time to 1,1.3,1.6 seconds from 1.2,1.6,2 seconds
-Rocket Jump (R): Reduced damage to 140,180,220 from 150,200,250

While we want to preserve Vermillions identity as the peak sustained damage dealer, he needed a slight tuning. While still great for creating space, hit ultimate should be slightly weaker as an offensive initiation tool now.

-Rocket Barrage (Q): Increased rocket recharge time to 6 seconds from 5 seconds

In the hands of a skilled player, Carter can deal incredible burst damage from long range – this is what makes him unique. To compensate, he shouldn’t be as good at dealing sustained damage. This change helps preserve his identity, but lowers his overall damage over a long team fight.

-Death’s Embrace (R): Increased cast range to 800 from 600

==Item Balance Changes==

Berzerker’s Mask
-Reduced self damage-amp to 15% from 20%

-Reduced %HP damage to 4.5% from 5%

Numbing Lantern
-Increased power reduction to 7% per stack from 6%
-Now grants 150HP instead of 15% attack speed
-750 gold down from 800

Numbing Lantern is an item that slows down fights. While attack speed made sense on the item, we feel health will actually be more relevant. You need to survive the initial burst damage of a fight to use the effect – now the item helps you do that.

-Magic vamp increased to 25% from 20%

Immortal Gaze
-Increased health granted to 450HP from 370HP
-Increased out of combat regen bonus to 1.6% MaxHP from 1.4% MaxHP

Spirit Ward
-Duration increased to 8 seconds from 6 seconds

Iceforged Plate
-Increased attack speed slow to 25% from 20%
-Increased armor granted to 60 from 57

-Increased cooldown to 45 seconds from 30 seconds
-Reduced duration to 2.5 seconds from 3 seconds

Hexbane was simply too strong, and was too defining late game. The item is still very powerful, but your team may want to consider other options now.



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