Strife Dev Q&A

Strife Dev Q&A

This is a compiled list of comments made recently by S2 Sell (Community Manager) Shade (Creative Designer) and Fielding (Executive Director of Design and Development) in response to questions from the reddit community.

Q) What are the limits of the duplicate hero picks? Does each team have the possibility to have the same heroes as the opponents, or is it even possible for the team within to have duplicate heroes?

A) S2Sell: In Strife each team’s hero pool is independent, so each team may for example have Rook on it. Each team may only select one hero from their hero pool, so there cannot be multiple Rook’s on one team. We have considered this may break immersion and will have accompanying lore to explain a hero battling themselves or a version of themselves on the opposing team.

Q) Why did you decide to go for duplicate heroes as a standard?

A) S2Shade: Many reasons: Players can play the hero they want more easily. We have a smaller hero pool intentionally; allowing multiple heroes creates more options. Counter picking requires knowledge of all the heroes. It works better in more competitive environments.


Q) What about alternate avatars?

A) S2Sell: Our current goals are to ensure that a hero’s alternate avatars are easily recognizable and share the same silhouette as their main avatar. There will also be dyes, or different colored versions of alternate avatars that may be purchased.

A) S2Shade: A major goal for Strife is that alternative hero avatars can be recognized as their corresponding hero. We want players to learn heroes as fast as possible as it is a major barrier of entry. That being said, our avatars are not just skins, but FULL models. I think you’ll be very impressed! Visual clarity is a huge goal as well. We will have team colored outlines for many spells and make sure our effects are exciting, yet also clean and readable.

Q) What are the planes that Strife takes place in called and what are they like individually and collectively?

A) S2Sell: There are 6 Planes alongside the arena where the Trials and action in the game takes place: Gael (a Plane of mountains and forests), Nestra (a Plane of skies and stars), Lyrie (a Plane of jungles and rivers), Vorbis (an energy Plane of an underwater theme), Tempra (a Plane of fire and ice), and finally Sheol (a Plane closed off and shrouded in mystery, home of the Darkwhaves) The world of Strife is completely separate from the world of Newerth, but you can eggspect Easter related ties.


Q) Will Strife have taunts?

A) S2Sell: Taunts will not be in Strife. All Chat will also not be available as there is no positive yield to it that outweighs the negativity it breeds. Both of these elements cut down on toxicity and promote the interaction you should have with your opponent. No All Chat should definitely put an end to macro spam!

A) S2Shade: While there is not a taunt function similar to that of HoN’s, Strife heroes have many lines for many scenarios. You hear lots of the heroes talking in the lane, for example.

Q) Will there be a shopping tutorial?

A) S2Shade: I think you will find our shop UI and systems very accessible. But to answer your question, yes. A part of the tutorial will directly explain the shop and how everything works. One of the great things about hero selection before you queue is that you can configure a list of items that you plan to buy for easy-access.

Q) How long is the average game of Strife going to be?

A) S2Fielding: Short game length as a goal in and of itself doesn’t have much meaning – we want our games action packed and enjoyable, regardless of length. There is nothing wrong with a nail biting 45 minute epic match. However, if the game is a stomp we want it to be able to end quickly (which is where Krytos comes in). That said, our average game time is currently a little shorter than HoN. We’ll see how that number holds up in beta!

A) S2Shade: Internally, our philosophy is… End matches that are stomps and miserable quickly, but matches that are close and fun can be drawn out. We see the matches around 20 to 40 minutes currently. I don’t want to be held to that, mechanics and philosophies can always change, but it’s definitely a goal to not have matches that are absurdly long.

Q) Is the beta for OSX too?

A) S2Fielding: The beta will be for PC, Mac, and Linux 🙂 Update

In preparation for PAX, S2’s official website for Strife received a facelift and now has some interesting pages to look at. While none of the information presented on the site will be anything new to players who have been closely following the game, it does signal that S2 might be revealing more information soon™



Kumduh primarily plays Pharaoh in HoN and Ray in Strife.

  • LordX

    Any ETA for the Beta?

    • Beta probably before 2014

    • kumduh

      S2 has said it should be sometime this fall, so I’m thinking somewhere in the October-November range.

      • I believe it’s between December 1st and 20th. They said that’s what counts for the end of fall.

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