Strife Closed Beta Starts


Strife Closed Beta Starts

S2Sell, Strife’s Community Manager, made the announcement just hours ago.

“We know that many have been waiting for the doors of the Strife arena to open up to enter the fray…and the long awaited Closed Beta testing phase for Strife has finally come!

*** As this is a testing phase of the game you will need a Closed Beta Key to create an account at and play for free. We will be gradually be giving away keys via email in future invite phases. ***

How can you get a key and enter the arena? Simply sign up at to let us know you are interested and we will be giving out keys via email throughout future phases in the Closed Beta!

If you haven’t gotten a key yet, don’t be sad :(! Stay tuned to our facebook site and in the Reddit Community here for news and more ways to get keys in giveaways and contests. We will also keep you guys busy with events, content on , and support of streamers so you guys will have plenty to keep you busy while you wait!

During the promotion of Strife, we have given out some Closed Beta Keys and granted some of those that signed up for interest at special times Preferred Access. What’s Preferred Access? Basically it means that you have a much higher chance to get a key when we are giving them out via the emails collected through the sign up. While we will prioritize handing our keys to those with Preferred Access we will still be making sure to divvy out some keys to those on the sign up list without Preferred Access. Just to recap, here are some of the ways that you could have gotten a key or preferred access:

  • Strife had its first hands on Debut at PAX PRIME in Seattle, Washington this past August. Here we gave out exclusive Strife comics with Beta Keys printed on the back. If you got your hands on one of these you can use that key to create a Closed Beta account!
  • For our fans at home during the PAX PRIME event, we gave anyone that signed up Preferred Access!
  • We went on a Southeast Asia Road Tour as well where we gave out manga comics with a Closed Beta Key printed on the back at Campus Gamefest that you can redeem now!
  • In Thailand we also gave out Manga comics at Playpark Fanfest with Beta Keys printed on the back. You can use that key to create an account now!
  • In the Philippines at the Pinoy Gaming fest we gave out the coveted manga comic as well which included printed beta keys!
  • At Dreamhack Winter we gave attendees the ability to download Strife and play with other attendees during the event. These accounts will be activated and ready to play during the beta! There were MANY Closed Beta Keys that were given out for account creation there that are ALSO valid for creating an account now!

Stay tuned to reddit, Facebook, and YouTube guys and girls! We can’t wait for you guys to get your hands on the game!”

Expect more info to come soon!

Is this your first time hearing about Strife? Then be sure to check out the Announcement Post and Developer Q&A to get a better understanding of the game. If you’re looking for basic hero and item information, our friends over at the Strife Wiki have you covered.



Kumduh primarily plays Pharaoh in HoN and Ray in Strife.

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