SMITE – Get CacoDemon Ymir Before It’s Too Late!


Get CacoDemon Ymir Before It’s Too Late!

The Open Beta Of SMITE is ending very soon and with that your chance to get Cacodemon Ymir skin is also closing up. Hi-Rez announced that the game would go out of open beta in March 25th of 2014, but its safe to say that date might be pushed a back a little (I Wouldn’t count on that though). As some of you already know if you reach Level 30 with your account in SMITE before Open Beta ends you will receive CacoDemon Ymir Skin.Ymircaco

After this Open beta ends in March, you will no longer be able to purchase CacoDemon Ymir from Store or by leveling to Level 30 in SMITE. This leveling process may take some time so its safe to start now before its too late, since SMITE do not have experience boosts or such (I Believe grinding conquest might be fastest way to level 30). Of course time flies much faster with friends too, so getting few buddies to play with you would help a ton.

In case you haven’t played SMITE yet or tried it and dropped it, i think its very good time to give the game another shot. SMITE has improved as an Esport and as a Game so much these past 6 months. When i personally tried it back in 2012 i didn’t like it at all. Now you have improved graphics, multiple game modes, bunny hops everything you wish for good MMO/MOBA title. So go here and start playing – SMITE NOW!



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