SMITE – Bastet Patch

SMITE – Bastet Patch

We got some cool stuff coming up in this new patch along with our Bastest Visual Rework there is also voicepack, SFX and animation updates to her. But it doesn’t end there, we got some neat changes to gods and along with that few fixes there and there. Also remember to buy seasonal Bunny Bakasura skin.

  • Bastet’s visual presentation has been updated. This includes Loading Screen Art, 3D Model, Special FX, Voicepack and Animations.
  • NOTE: The Dominatrix, Golden and Legendary skins have been updated for the new model. However, the loading screen cards are not yet updated. These updates will come in a future release.


  • Casting time (before Bastet left the ground) has been reduced from 0.3 to 0.15.
  • Removed a short delay after landing before the ability could be triggered again for a return pounce.
  • Removed return pounce impact fx.

Razor Claws (now Razor Whip)

  • Is now a swiping sequence for hits (left to right), rather than an instant in the cone.
  • Increased the cone angle from 45 to 70.
  • Changed the visual treatment, and renamed to Razor Whip.

Nine Tails (now Declaw)

  • Reduced the casting time from 0.66 to 0.3.
  • Changed the visual treatment, and renamed to Declaw.

Basic Attack

  • Bastet now has a basic attack hit progression of 1/0.7/1.3.

New Skins


  • Note: If you also own the Tyr voicepack, you will have custom voice commands when playing this skin.

Feaster Bunny Bakasura

  • This seasonal skin is available to purchase until April 23, 2014.
  • Note: If you also own the Bakasura voicepack, you will have custom voice commands when playing this skin.

Golden Scylla

  • Now available

Player Icons

  • The “HiRezTroll” Icon, featuring trollface HiRezBart, is priced at 64 gems. When purchased, you will also receive 1 gem.



  • Several backend match-making changes have been implemented. Additional changes are expected in future releases..
  • Fixed an issue in which some passive bars on the HUD could cause your HUD to be incorrectly scaled. This most especially impacted Apollo..
  • Minor improvements to Fire Minion FX for performance and visibility
  • Fixed an issue in which Worshipper counts would sometimes not update correctly on the UI.
  • Fixed several client crash conditions.
  • The Conquest map has received some modest performance optimizations.
  • Several UI elements have been optimized for performance (most especially the in-match scoreboard).
  • Improved support has been added for showing the SmiteTV broadcast on the homescreen in a less intrusive manner.
  • Fixed an issue in which team names would not show on Spectator HUD.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs in the new user tutorial.
  • Made changes to the “Highlight and Bracket 2” targeting option.
  • Fixed an issue in which the Twitch Broadcast overlay would overlap the enemy team bars on the in-match HUD.
  • Fixed a bug with multiple sound card sources.
  • Fixed an issue in which Pythagorem’s Piece and Doom Orb were displaying the incorrect buff icons.
  • Your new God Rotation is: Isis, Athena, Odin, Anhur, and Loki.




  • The team gold awarded for killing outer towers has been reduced to 100 (previously 200). Inner towers are still 300.


  • The minimum respawn time in any gamemode now is 5 seconds. Previously, Joust respawn times could be lower than this in some cases, which caused some animation anomalies.


  • Fixed an issue with not being able to purchase Hydra’s Lament in Assault.
  • Root Immunity no longer provides Cripple Immunity in any place it is used.


 Item Changes


  • Ward health has been changed to be 100 hp + (20*level), and may still only be damaged by auto attacks.
  • Vision range reduced from 85 to 60.

Brawler’s beat stick

  • Fixed debuff icon being incorrect.

Divine Ruin

  • Fixed debuff icon being incorrect.

Pythagorem’s Piece

  • Fixed buff icon being incorrect.

Doom Orb

  • Fixed debuff icon being incorrect.

Sprint/Heavenly Agility

  • Increased tier price from 200/400/600 to 300/600/900.
  • Improved Sprint (Rank 2) now removes and provides protection from slows.

 God Changes

Ao Kuang


  • FX modifications.


  • New loading screen card.



  • Fixed an issue in which the buff icon tooltip was incorrect.



  • When using Blink or Teleport, Chronos will now regain the health and mana values from 8s ago.

Hun Batz

Overhand Smash

  • Fixed incorrect tooltip scaling value.



  • If under 15% health at the end of channeling this ability, Kali now heals to 15% of her maximum health.



  • Hit FX updated



  • Increased base casting range from 55 to 65.

I’m a Monster

  • Reduced time to become the Monster from 0.8 to 0.5.

Sun Wukong

72 Transformations

  • Eagle form no longer provides knockup Immunity, but still provides slow and root immunity.


  • Fixed an issue with Ullr’s arrow flickering when in ranged stance.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes his arrow would be missing.

Wield Axes/ Wield Bow

  • Fixed an issue where switching from Wield Axes to Wield Bow would allow Ullr to use both basic attacks simultaneously.
  • Fixed an issue where switching stances would cancel the post fire slow from basic attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where Ullr would still be partially in a previous stance.

 Zhong Kui

Recall Demons

  • Reverted previous change that prevented Zhong Kui from using abilities while channeling this ability. He may now take all actions again.
  • Zhong Kui is no longer CC immune while channeling this ability, however it will continue to channel while he is under the effects of CC.

Book of Demons

  • Cooldown increased from 10 to 15s


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