SMITE – Bastet Night Prowler Patch

SMITE – Bastet Night Prowler Patch

Hi-Rez pulled a new small patch to give some new content to the game along with few fixes and balances to existing gods. Along with new Artemis 3D model (Pretty excited about this one really). Stay tuned for more SMITE patches and stuff.


  • Night Prowler Bastet
    • NOTE: If you also own Bastet’s Voice Pack, the Night Prowler skin will feature a special voice.
  • Scarlet Coven Isis
    • Now has a custom voice pack.
  • Ms Diagnosis Neith
    • Updated loading screen card.
  • Frost Maiden Freya
    • Updated loading screen card.


  • In Custom Matches, a new God Picking Method has been added for “Draft Pick – 6 Bans”.  The first four bans (2 each side) are completed prior to the first pick. Bans #5 and #6 occur after each team has chosen its first 3 gods.   The May 3rd and beyond Conquest tournament series will be using this God Picking Method.
  • The “Recorded Matches” tab has been added back to the TV menu. This shows the top recently recorded matches that are available to watch as replays.
  • Fixed several UI bugs and crashes.
  • Fixed several UI issues related to Arena Spectate mode.
  • Minor performance optimizations have been made in the mini-map rendering.
  • Fixed an issue with free mouse defaulting to center of screen every time used.
  • Fixed an issue with ward ground targeter “preview” still show 80 unit range.
  • Fixed an issue, when using a controller, with not being able to walk while the scoreboard is up.
  • Fixed an issue with the “boing” effect when purchasing and using consumables.
  • Fixed an issue with Custom Voice Pack previews playing incorrect voices.
  • Fixed an issue with Voice Pack preview button disappearing after using Alt-TAB.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes players would have a blank god filter list in Match Lobby.
  • Fixed an issue with chat not showing after reconnecting to a match.
  • Fixed an issue with custom match interface appearing on top of Party menu and Friends list.


  • Becoming CC Immune will now always cleanse any effects that CC Immunity would protect you from.

Gods – Balance/Updates/Fixes

  • Artemis
    • General
      • Artemis’ 3D model and animations have had some updates.
  • Bastet
    • Cat Call
      • Fixed an issue with the Cats not playing a death animation.
  • Chaac
    • Torrent
      • Fixed an issue with non default skins not showing the dash indicator.
  • Isis
    • Circle of Protection
      • Fixed an issue with her staff meter showing full at all times to the enemy.
  • Kali
    • General
      • Fixed a hit progression exploit that involved Nimble Strike.
  • Kumbhakarna
    • General
      • Added missing difficulty tag to Kumbhakarna’s tooltip.
    • Sleepy
      • Corrected an issue where Recall and Protected Recall did not break when Kumbhakarna fell asleep. You can no longer recall or teleport while sleeping.
    • Throw Back
      • Corrected a bug where Brute (large) minions were not thrown back when hit.
      • Corrected a potential issue where a thrown back minion could hit an enemy more than once.
      • Fixed issue with cooldown not triggering at the correct time, and causing issues with interruption.
  • Nemesis
    • Retribution
      • This ability now functions as a shield with health maximum of 100/200/300/400/500 per rank.
      • The damage reflection and self healing will only happen on damage absorbed by the shield, and only on damage from gods.
      • Duration of shield increased from 1s to 2s.
      • This shield will not stack with any other shield. (ex: Geb’s Stone Shield).
  • Thor
    • General
      • Fixed a basic attack animation issue after landing from Anvil of Dawn.
  • Ullr
    • General
      • Fixed an issue with his Axe disappearing while in his hand.


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