Sins of a Dark Age Beta Impressions

Sins of a Dark Age Beta Impressions

This game has been around for long long time….the problems in the past with their publisher (leaded them to parting ways) and now they are back launching the game on Steam. But the very same problem still exists, there is no players…

The game is currently purchasable for early access 4,99$ from steam store. Which grants you access to the closed beta. But the problem with the game right now is that nobody has access literally. They haven’t been sending out keys or making it open to steam user base, which is huge mistake. It took me three different days to attempt to get into a game. There is literally only 10-15 people online and if they happen be inside a game, that means you have to wait till that game finishes, until you can hop to next one.

How Does the Business Model Work?

In Sins Of A Dark Age you obtain recipe materials after completing games or opening chests. With these recipe materials and the recipe itself your able to craft stuff such as Skins, which is pretty neat system overall. Your able to buy the skins straight way too, but they probably cost you bit more than that.

Also your able to buy founder skins for 50,00$ pretty much, which is kinda huge prize if you ask me, but if you want to support the game go ahead. All heroes won’t be unlocked, but during beta they will. I assume you have starter heroes and then your able to buy or unlock more. I guess there is also way to craft them perhaps?

What is Unique about Sins of A Dark Age? Compared to other Moba?

This list is not too long to be honest. Its one of those games that came early 2011? or something and back then i could have considered some of the features somewhat unique, but now-days they are industry standards.

  • Night & Day Cycle – Similar to DOTA 2 system, which affects line of sight and other minor stuff inside the game.
  • Quests – In Sins Of A Dark Age you have quests which you can complete around the map. Such as clearing huge spawn of creeps in the jungle or sieging turrets or such. There is currently multiple quests, i’m not totally certain will there be more and will they occur randomly.
  • Consumable Slots – In this game potions and such won’t take space from the main inventory. You have two slots for such items in this game. While this feature is used in other moba’s, SOAD was probably among first if not first to use this feature.
  • Upgradable Spells – This game has the ignites / flashes and all that too, but in this game your able to to upgrade by using some points. Also with each spell there is two paths to go, which may make the spell more defensive or offensive.

Overall Verdict

The game is okay to play, but its still very sub-par compared to good alternatives like DawnGate, Strife or Heroes Of the Storm. While i like the business model, i don’t think its going to save this game.

  • Heroes are bit boring.
  • Graphics aren’t today’s standards
  • there is no player-base to play with.
  • No Adjustable graphics
  • User interface cannot be re-sized and its god damn huge
  • Some of the fonts are plain terrible.

If you still want to play the game you can buy early access from here and try it out –





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