Shards Of War Closes Down

Shards Of War Closes Down

Yesterday Bigpoint send out following letter to players regarding the status of Shards of War and its future. Read full statement below

Dear Community,

We’ve given this a lot of thought and consideration and are sad to announce that on June 30th 2016, we will be discontinuing Shards of War.

This means that you will no longer be able to play: we assure you that making this decision was not easy for us. We also apologize for keeping you waiting for so long, but we wanted to take the time to thoroughly test the game and consider all possible options for a total game revision. After having taken stock thoroughly, it is clear that we will no longer be able to run Shards of War.

We would like to thank you for your loyalty and support and we understand that we are discontinuing a game that has been very special to you for quite some time. A very special thanks goes to all forum and chat moderators – you shaped the community with your dedication and blood, sweat and tears and, therefore, were an invaluable part of the community. Once again, thank you so much for your hard work.

Your Shards of War Team !

There really wasn’t nothing wrong about Shards Of War as a game, however one thing i always keep repeating and mentioning on my articles/videos is that if you aren’t in steam you aren’t anywhere. Lot of these MOBA games are trying out to stand on their own without a platform to get more players from and historically it hasn’t worked. You also have to remember Bigpoints previous game Merc Elite also closed down, they also didn’t want to release that game on steam.

Only real exception here is League of Legends really and SMITE was doing rather well too, they really didn’t need to go to Steam, but they wanted to boost their income however. I hope Ncsoft wont be doing same mistake with Master x Master and hope they will release their game to steam eventually.






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