Perfect Season 4 Jungle Guide

League Of Legends – Season 4 Jungle Guide

In Pre-Season patch the Jungle got lot of changes, which had some impact on the jungle. Since there is constantly lot of new people to the game and some people are coming back or just want to learn to jungle, so this is my “Season 4 Jungle Guide”. Support me and make a League Of Legends account here –

The biggest change to the jungle is pretty much that there is new jungle camp “Wight” which is just a gold sack with no buffs or huge experience boost, its a camp that i just skip 90% of the time, it shouldn’t belong to the jungle path either.  The Second biggest change is how the vision works so practically there is the new trinket system, but basically ward is still better option than Red Lens in my opinion.

Third biggest change is the gold flow and nerf of snowball in season four. These changes let you farm on the jungle and get actual gold to buy items, there is passive on the jungle items which give extra gold from big monsters and then there is some slight decrease on Dragon early gold. This might lead you to a conclusion that farming on the jungle is wise, IT IS NOT! Same shit still applies its all about Ganks, Ganks and Ganks.

Items in Season 4 Jungle

Items didn’t get much change, Blue Golem Item got nerfed a bit, but its still essential item for tank junglers in the game (Amumu, Malphite, Shen, Elise, Zac etc.) As for starting items you still have to choose Hunters Machete + 5 Health potions at start, since cloth armor is not so great anymore for clear times.

Spirit of the Ancient Golem

Great item for tank junglers such as Amumu, Malphite, Zac, Shen, Jarvan, Elise and even Xin Zhao. It’s very important to have sustain as jungler if you want to make dive ganks or just be the initiator of your team. Tenacity is extremely important trait in this item and remember it doesn’t stack with mercury boots so get Ninja Tabi instead.

Spirit of the Elder Lizard

Most overrated item in the game and very popular among silver/bronze junglers. Elder Lizard isn’t cheapest item and its build path sucks too a bit. The Damage over time isn’t very optimal for diving and its only really good when it synergizes with the champion (Eve/Gangplank), but overall Ancient Golem is much better item, since as jungler your suppose to be tanky rather than Damage dealer. In PBE server the item has its true damage changed to physical damage which would make this item totally worthless, lets see when that goes live

Spirit of the Spectral Wraith

This is very niche item and its not really suitable for most champions in the game. Since it got its Cooldown reduction removed, Vlad players don’t build it anymore. Also spell vamp is removed from it so the item is totally worthless and you should never build it, since its made for farming and farming is still not legit at all.

Sweeping Lens item

Sweeping Lens

Really good, if you have good teamwork and you happen to guess where the wards are planted, but its not really an item i would recommend using in solo que, so for that reason i would pick ward item. If its team ranked then you might have general idea where enemy wards lie. Biggest problem is the high cooldown can go to waste if you do not find anything.

Warding Totem item

Warding Totem

Better option in Solo Que than Lens in my opinion. Your able to ward the rivers or additional brush in lane, so you have general idea if enemy jungler is coming. Also you might be able to ward enemy blue or red. It’s just always good to have extra ward.

Scrying Orb item

Scrying Orb

The orb is worthless compared to the other two, they did make some buffs to it in recent patch, but i still feel its quite worthless, since its not strong as Clairvoyance and it doesn’t affect stealth champions like Eve, Twitch and Shaco (Which is retarded).

Jungle Pathing & Route

There were different jungle routes in season 3, but i would like to state that you cannot really start from Red anymore and go reverse route, since you require the mana + cdr boost to clear tSHITMAnhe jungle camps fast. This route skips wight and golems because they are not important at all, since they do only give gold and they aren’t really on a good path to gank, unless you go gank bot right after Red buff. My own style jungling is just to take buffs and then get back to ganking, since you get more gold from kills than jungle camps at the moment. Your #1 objective is to be less in jungle as possible. If you are a champion that relies on getting 6 really fast (Shen, Warwick, Master Yi) then you shouldn’t gank before that unless your given perfect easy kill (Which hardly happens). So just try to clear minion camps fast as possible to get level 6, but usually playing farmer junglers will lose you the early game.

Also i would like to state that if your under 50% health after red you should go base and buy boots or cloth armor (this increases your chances to make perfect gank, where you won’t die or your friend(s) at lane), i think rushing boots is bit underrated at the moment, but i feel Ninja Tabi give you immense sustain early on and your able to dive under turrets and walk away.

Jungle Tier List For Beginners and People at Low Elo (Bronze/Silver/Gold/Plat)

In Season 2 you could practically jungle with anyone, with any masteries pretty much, but the jungle has changed quite a lot from that time. Although you can practically jungle with anyone (Atleast stonewall does that), but these are extremes and they do not really work so greatly, especially if your team thinks you are trolling. You should always prefer picking tier 1 or tier 2 junglers since they are best what they do (winning the game that is), rather than tier 3 and below. Actually all below tier 3 are horrible and you see them mostly on bronze and why? because these people do not understand anything and can’t climb up due bad decisions.

Tier 1

These 5 junglers are pretty easy to play, since their skillshots (if any) are pretty easy to use. Also Cho’gath, Fiddle and Zac hardly take any damage in the jungle currently. Evelynn is sadly almost permabanned so don’t expect able to play her every game, also she is semi hard to play due she is really squishy (But long as you come as 2v1 you should be fine). I could have made this list bit longer, but i ran out of space, so rest is pretty much thrown to Tier 2 currently. Oh yeah play Jarvan as initiator tank rather than AD (Ad builds are fucking horrid in jungle never do that).


Tier 2

To be honest tier 2 are almost good as tier 1 so it doesn’t really matter which one you pick, since both tiers are extremely good still. So to quickly over run the tier 2, basically Elise is really great (I don’t like that she is bit squishy though). Olaf is bit leaning on farm jungle, which is not that great things since u want to pull those ganks a lot. Mundo is very strong after certain point, but i feel hes better top currently than jungle. Lee sin is one of the best escapers and gankers in the game, he can close gaps of distance very easily with (W) and (Q) or even (R). Hecarim then again is really strong with his ganks early on and fear is pretty broken.

Then there is B-list, which is good as A-list there is no difference, except was too bored to photoshop these guys on same page. So Xin is king of early game and wins every trade pre-6. Trundle is another monster (Check out my video). Vi is really great once she gets level 6 and that is almost guaranteed ganks for your team. Amumu and Udyr are unkillable lategame.



Tier 3

Okay Tier 3 junglers are pretty strong too, but i think tier one and two are still more optimal. Volibear is better toplaner imo and i feel hes bit annoying to play since you get kited all day. Sejuani was my favorite before revamp and she was hidden OP back then. Now her (W) is fucking bad and her attack speed is horrible, hes way too clunky to play. Kha’zix is great, but i don’t recommend playing carry jungles because they just need so much farm, kinda same thing with nocturne but he is more adaptable to tanky build which is great. Lastly Rammus who is pretty good, but semi squishy early and needs few items and levels so he can really carry. Nautilus didn’t make it to list, but he is pretty decent after few levels.


Tier 4

One thing pretty common with these 5 champions in this tier list are that they are pretty farm dependent. Jax and Rengar can’t do shit without couple of items. Wukong almost dies in the jungle, but when he gets few items and level 6 hes an absolute beast. Shyvana is clearly better toplaner now, her ganks are kinda bad without red. Shen is Fine, but very slow, but when he gets 6 he can do really great counter-ganks.


Tier 5

Tier 5 is do-able, but i think lot of these champs have some problems. First of all Malphite jungle runs out mana and clears the camps in slow fashion. Maokai fallen out of meta, extremely bad against counter junglers since they kill him easy. Skarner no idea how good he is now, haven’t played him so randomly threw him here :D. Aatrox is only at tier 5 since he is hard to play, in high elo i would rank him higher, he also took some backslash from nerfs. Riven is just better toplaner.


Tier 6

Never play tier 6 champions in jungle that is my absolute command for you. First of all since the games last 10 minutes longer this means early game champs are less viable, good example Nunu, he can’t do shit after 20 minutes have passed, hes damage and relevance just drops every minute after 10 mins. Shaco is same shit, hes useless lategame, he can only splitpush and hope that works. Yi is typical elohell jungler pick, he needs to farm so much so he can carry and while you farm enemy jungle just feeds his lanes. Same story goes for Tryndamere, but he can actually do bit more early, but i still find him kinda sucky. Nasus gets nerfed soon and he has nonexistent ganks since he has only slow, also he needs to farm his Q and jungle isn’t very ideal for that.



Important tips for Jungling

There are few bullet points, which i would like to share kinda like tl;dr version of jungling if may say so. Follow these points and you will have likely really great results. Some special occasions do apply for these rules though (Blue buff one for instance)

  • Tenacity doesn’t stack don’t build Ancient Golem and mercury boots together
  • Always give 2nd blue to your midlane, they are likely to lose 1v1 situation without blue buff, no matter the match-up or even with high lead.
  • Try to spend less time as possible farming in the jungle
  • Buy wards to get vision
  • Communicate with your team and use pings or talk before you gank!
  • Prefer tank/Bruiser junglers over Assassin ones.
  • Don’t go full retard builds like full AD or Full AP.
  • Control the objectives (Turrets & Drakes & Vision)
  • Stop making stupid excuses not to gank lane, you can gank even if there is ward or the lane is pushed (Diving is not that hard)
  • Try to give kills to your lane than yourself, some rules do apply depending on your jungle class (But as tank, you should always give them out).


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