Season 3 Rewards Announced


Season 3 Rewards Announced

It seems Riot has updated their pages finally. Now were able to see what we’re going to get for our placings at Season 3, its very similar to last year, I’ll break it all down below with tier’s and all that. Also included Q&A from their site, i don’t think this is the actual final rewards, there might some slight changes, i really feel that Challengers should get something special.

rewards-bronze-crestBronze Tier

You’ll earn a Summoner Icon that displays your accomplishments. There is a different icon for each tier (similar to last year, its most likely a trophy with different decoration based on the Que type).



rewards-silver-crestSilver Tier

From your profile banner to your loading screen, reach Silver or higher to earn the corresponding trim. Each tier has a different colored trim. At Silver tier, you’ll also pick up a new permanent Victorious Ward skin to light up the jungle your way (This sounds really awesome, have to see what it looks like).



rewards-goldplatdiam-crestsGold or Higher Tier

Should you climb to the highest ranks of competitive play, you’ll greet new friends and teammates with a personalized invitation badge that shows off your success in shiny style. You’ll also earn the permanent Victorious Ward skin and a unique Victorious Elise skin. (Honestly i feel, that there should be Reward for Plats, Diamonds and challengers, since gold players aren’t comparable with higher ones).



General Questions About the Rewards

So If I join a Gold Team with a bunch Of Games Played before i signed on, What happens?

Provided you and your new team play the additional number of games so that you hit the 30% threshold, you’ll qualify for Gold tier rewards.

How do the icons, banner and loading scren trim work if i’m Platinium? Do I earn 4 banner trims?

The short answer is no. You’ll earn the icon, banner and loading screen trim for the tier you reached. They are different for each tier.

When does the season end?

Season 3 will end on October 31st (Knowing riot from previous seasons, they are very likely to extend this time one or two times before original deadline).

When will i get my rewards?

We will start granting rewards with the patch downtime, although it may take a few days for them to show up for every player.

If i have an honor ribbon and the loading screen trim, will they be shown?

Yes, this hasn’t changed and they will both be displayed. The honor ribbon sits on top of the border trim.

Who will see my loading screen border trim and when it will be displayed?

Unlike previous years, the loading screen border trim you earn will be displayed in all queues. So, for example, if you reach Diamond in ranked 3v3, you’ll have a Diamond border trim when you head into solo queue.

Regardless of game mode the border trim will only be displayed to your allies, as we still want to be very careful about influencing perceptions around the fairness of the matchup before the game begins.

If i got Gold in Season 2 and didn’t play ranked in Season 3, will i still have gold profile banner?

No, the profile banner trim is based on performance in the most recent season.

What happens to my Season 2 Rewards?

Your Victorious skins and summoner icons will be retained. The loading screen borders and profile borders will only show the previous season’s results (so it will display season 3). The placement from previous seasons is stored, and we’re working out the best way to display the results from prior seasons, but it won’t be part of this release.



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