S2 Games Layoffs half of its Strife Team

11080609-standardS2 Games Layoffs half of its Strife Team

Literally two days ago there was a small leak at (http://www.reddit.com/r/strife/) that claimed most of the Strife development team had been layoff. Original list of people who were mentioned here were S2 DogKaiser, Mercenary, Sell, Dub and Shade. Lot of legitimacy questions were raised until few developers came forward and told this is correct. None of the actual Heroes of Newerth team were laid off.

Yesterday S2 Sell came forward with following statement;

Hey guys, we want to address a sad topic and offer transparency so everyone can have a greater understanding of what actually transpired. On Friday, S2 Games unfortunately did lay off a number of employees. We want to make it clear that most of these employees were not laid off due to their ineffectiveness, but because Strife can not currently sustain them. This is not because Strife’s open beta launch went poorly, or that Strife is “dying”; in fact, Strife is showing steady growth and is performing well according to realistic expectations.

The layoffs are a byproduct of mis-management prior to Open Beta. We grew the development team to a size that was, in truth, disproportionate to the game’s size and development stage. To put things in perspective, the Heroes of Newerth launch team held less than 20 members – Strife’s Open Beta team held around 80. We put together a team loaded with talent that was more appropriate for a “grown-up” Strife than for one still in its infant stages of growth. Although initial Open Beta numbers look good, hard reality dictates that growth will be gradual.


To give Strife the longest runway possible to reach its potential and balance efficiency with productivity, we unfortunately had to lay off a bunch of talented individuals. This was never the plan, and the concept of S2 maliciously using then discarding employees could not be further from the truth. A lot of tears were shed on Friday, and they did not all come from those departing the company. We understand that this event is sad and emotions may run high, but these talented people will land on their feet. We truly believe that, and have taken measures to help them as much as possible though their transition. S2 Games would like to sincerely apologize to those affected for the mistakes that have led to this event.


We remain extremely optimistic for the future of Strife and its growth. The Strife team still holds around 50 developers and is filled with talented individuals who are fully capable of producing the content and features that will propel Strife forward. Moving forward, we will learn from our mistakes and grow S2 Games more responsibly, so that growth of the Strife team reflects growth of the game.


We apologize for the delay of this statement and expect some discussion on it. However please be respectful for those that left, remain on the team.


Finally, S2 would like to thank its previous team members who contributed so much to our projects and the workplace environment. We will miss you. S2 Sell


Even though there were lot of people laid off the game is still in progress of making and S2 Games have said the grow has grown a lot since Open beta release. Probably in near future there might be economical sustainability where some of the old staff can be brought back.

In case you haven’t tried out Strife Open Beta yet, you can do it from here – https://strife.com/create



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