Russian Celebration Skin


Bear Cavarly Sejuani

On today’s stream it was announced that, Russian Players would receive a Russian Server Celebration Skin, what better than Sejuani with Russian Clothing & Russian bear. If you happen to know Russian, check out the Russian announcement here. Like the other skins, everyone who is currently playing on Russian server will receive this skin (Not 100% sure do you need to be Russian in order to get it, although that will be clear on later date). She will be most likely Priced as 975 RP or possibly 1350 RP if she has

             Translated from Russian Post

“In the cold and frozen fields of Freljord even the most hardened warriors are held tested by nature’s elements. Those with hopes to survive have to understand the very essence of nature’s forces. The leader of the Winter’s Claw and unmatched  boar rider, Sejuani, has learned to tame these forces like no other. But there comes a time when even the bravest of warriors have to call on the cavalry. And by cavalry we mean bears. Huge, angry, armored bears. 

Riding on the back of a fierce beast, Bear Cavalry Sejuani will arrive soon to celebrate the launch of the Russian server. All summoners who play on that server will receive this skin for free in the very near future!”



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