Fnatic’s Journey from S1 to S3


Fnatic’s Journey from S1 to S3


Season 1

Fnatic is a team that has been around since S1, winning Season 1 Championship, IEM New York, DreamHack Winter 2012. Naturally for such a long career it has had some roster changes. Usually new players on the team mean miscommunication, lack of synergy and maybe even behavioral issues that lower in game performance. However, every single one of these lineup changes have brought huge short-term momentum to their play.

Lineup from Left to Right – Mellisan (Support), LaMia (ADC), Shushei (Top), Cyanide (Jungle), xPeke (Mid) and Wewillfailer (Sub)

Tournaments won: Season 1 Championship, IEM New York

Notable VOD’s:  VOD 1 (S1), VOD 2 (IEM NY)


Season 2

The original roster was  changed in Season 2, when one of their founding members – Maciej  “Shushei” Ratuszniak (Top lane), was evicted from the team due to not being on the same level as the other professional top laners. Fnatic picked up a former player of their Season 1 rivals (aAa)Paul “sOAZ” Boyer and went on to win the first two rounds of 2012 MLG Pro Circuit/Spring, but ultimately they finished 5th – 6th.

Lineup from left to right: sOAZ (Top), xPeke (Mid), Cyanide (Jungle), LaMia (ADC), Pheilox (Support)

Tournaments won: – ( Notable appearances : DreamHack Summer 2012 – 4th place )

Notable VODs:  VOD 1 (MLG Spring), VOD 2 (DH Summer)


Pre-Season 3

Fnatic`s versatility was proven in Pre-Season 3, when they were forced to send a drastically changed lineup, consisting of sOAZ, xPeke from the official roster and John “hyrqBot” Velly (Jungle), Bora “YellOwStaR” Kim (ADC), Christoph “nRated” Seitz (Support) as temporary players, to Paris Games Week 2012. Against all odds they pulled up a near flawless victory, dropping only 1 game in the group stages due to arriving late. nRated then got promoted to official roster member.

Lineup from left to right – sOAZ (Top), xPeke (Mid), nRated (Support), YellOwStaR (ADC), hyrqBot (Jungle)

Tournaments won: ASUS Republic of Gamers – Paris Games Week 2012

Notable VOD’s (in this case highlights):  VOD 1 (Paris Games Week 2012)

Throughout late 2012, the Swedish player Martin “Rekkles” Larsson played for Fnatic as their ADC. With this fresh lineup the team went on a winning streak taking 1st at THOR Open 2012, DreamHack Winter 2012 and 2nd  at IGN ProLeague Season 5 & IEM Season VII – Global Challenge Cologne.

Lineup from left to right – Rekkles (ADC), xPeke (Mid), Cyanide (Jungle), nRated (Support) and sOAZ (Top)

Tournaments won: THOR Open 2012, DreamHack Winter 2012

Notable VODs:  VOD 1 ( THOR Open 2012), VOD 2 (DreamHack Winter 2012)


Season 3 Spring

Soon enough Fnatic had to resort to changes due to Rekkles being underage, so they picked up YellOwStaR for the AD carry role. The team had no problem getting used to playing with a new player and took the victory in LCS Spring Playoffs home.

Lineup from left to right – YellOwStaR (ADC), nRated (Support), Cyanide (Jungle), sOAZ (Top) and xPeke (Mid)

Tournaments won: LCS EU Spring Playoffs (1st Place)

Notable VODs:  VOD 1 ( LCS EU Spring Week 10 Day 1), VOD 2 (LCS EU Spring Week 10 Day 1)


Season 3 Summer

Recently Fnatic released nRated, switched YellOwStaR to Support and added Johannes “puszu” Uibos to the bottom lane duo as the AD carry. The momentum is once again present as they won their first 2 games after the change with puszu proving he is of the same caliber as the rest.

Lineup from left to right – YellOwStaR (Support), Cyanide (Jungle), xPeke (Mid), puszu (ADC) and sOAZ (Top)

Tournaments won: – (Currently #3 in the LCS Summer Split)

Notable VOD’s:  VOD 1 ( LCS EU Summer Week 4 Day 1), VOD 2 (LCS EU Summer Week 4 Day 1)

The fact that all the swaps and changes were successful says a lot about Fnatic’s stable team atmosphere, attitude and determination. The ability to adapt to any situation, with any set of players could very much be the thing that makes Fnatic a top competitor in the League of legends scene.


Aydin has been following competetive League of Legends since before Season 1. He loves playing support, and longs for the day when Heimerdinger will make his LCS debut.

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