Ronimo’s Kickstarter For Starstorm Expansion

photo-mainOn August 19 Ronimo Games started a kickstarter for the Starstorm expansion pack for their amazing game Awesomanauts.  The expansion pack will be sold as a DLC upon release and will include 3 new characters, spectator mode, global chat in the main menu and awesome new music.  Today is day 3 of the kickstarter and we already managed to achieve over 50% of the goal at about $72,000!  The community has shown amazing support so far with someone even pledging $10,000!  The game truly is a fun and awesome game as shown by the community feedback and is most likely going to reach this goal.


The three characters that come with the expansion pack are Ted McPain, Sentry X-58 and Skree.

Ted McPain is your typical war/action hero character being one of the greatest heroes of the first AI Wars and recently resurrected by Voltar(for some unknown reason he was not resurrected with his pants on).  Ted will have a multi-weapon system and will be a brawler.

Sentry X-58 is a robot designed for infiltration being able to trick his foes into thinking he is a telephone booth or an umbrella and has infiltrated the Awesomenauts until he can aford a serious tank(one with a shark decal on it)!  He will be a tank character able to use a shield to collect damage which he later fires back at his enemies.

Skree is a hitchhikng techno shaman who found himself alone on the abandoned Starstorm space station.  He began to worship the disabled robots in the space station thinking they were gods and collected parts from all around to create altars for them.  While doing so he accidently brought power back to the entire station.  Skree will be an assassin and will be able to go invisible like Leon.

Screenshot (14

The in-game sprites for the new character at the moment.

Spectator Mode

Spectator mode is something that has been talked about for quite a while now.  This is especially true since there have been many tournaments for the game but the only way to watch was through streamers.  Spectators will only be allowed in private matches and must be invited to the game and the amount of people allowed to spectate at once will be limited.

Global Chat

A global chat will be added to the main menu.  This will allow players to discuss balance and tactics as well as have some nice friendly conversations with eachother.

Twin-Stick Controller Support

Twin-stick controller support will give gamepad users the option to use both sticks to play the game.  This allows controller users to have the same strafing and aiming abilities as a keyboard and mouse user.

New Music

2 new background themes will be implimented as well as the 3 theme songs and 3 killing sprees for the new characters.

There is so much stuff to list but I would rather not list them all here.  Instead you can check out the kickstarter page for the Starstorm expansion pack and maybe even pledge some money for it.  Did I mention you get loot for pledging?

Click here to go to the kickstarter page.



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