Riot Games Banning 3rd Party App Users

Riot Games Banning 3rd Party Program Users

Recently there has been a wave of bans for people who have been using numerous 3rd party apps such as Mk LoL, SkinPreview and Modskinlol. While there hasn´t been really lot of reports for all of the programs such as LVOC or Wooxy it seems Riot is taking rather offensive stance against people who walk the grey line of Terms of service.


Some support messages have been flying around regarding the status of such programs like MK LoL that was giving previously a competitive advantage to players via its Jungler timer system. However the timers have been removed and bans are still being issued (Shows that Riot is not really taking action nor effort to talk with the creators of the these programs). Its not a secret that Riot is losing some potential money when people are using such programs, but they are also scaring off lot of potential customers if they are getting banned.

Best course of action right now is to reach out to Riot via support and check if your current 3rd party program is fine to use or not and save the image in case they change their mind or violate own Terms of service even.

Also instead of temporary bans Riot´s been issuing permanent bans so tread carefully regarding 3rd party apps you are using right now. Of course it goes without saying any type of a hack program is not allowed and will result to a ban.



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