Prime World Reveals Beta Weekend #5


It can be tough being a Prime World fan outside of Russia at the moment. Game developer Nival, based in Moscow, guards a well-secured gateway into their Moba-like Prime World. So far, for us players in secondary worlds like Earth (or maybe Fantasia), the beta is only available during specially announced weekends. That is, unless you’re willing to circumvent the globe and traverse through the Cyrillic language barrier by playing the Russian game client.

Anyways gather ‘round fellow Keepers and Imperium alike: Nival has announced Beta Weekend #5 starting at 2pm (EDT) Friday and going from July 5-8.

As usual, Nival promises a list of game modes on rotation. The biggest change is Challenge Mode and Practice will always be available and Dragonwald is not available to play.

  • Borderlands will be 1 hour on rotation

  • Apocalypse – 1 hour

  • Native Land – 1 hour

  • Outpost – 30 minute rotation

  • Switcheroo – 30 minutes
  • Challenge Mode – Always available

  • Practice Mode – Always available

  • Dragonwald – Not available due to bug but could be added

No mention of any patch changes or game updates as of yet. Remember to let your friends know this weekend is Open Beta and no need for any beta keys!

And, as always, there is no account wipe following a beta. Hurray!



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