Prime World Launch Details Released

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New hero skins make their way into the beta launch as you can see here. Grab some fresh skins on your favorite heroes for release! Except if you play the Wanderer, then I’m sorry to inform you that a Ned Stark skin has not been released. Yet.


Tid-bits on the 2pm (EST) Prime World Beta Launch

Greetings, close friends and acquaintances. You are cordially invited to Prime World’s launch day gathering.

Who: No +1’s here. Everyone’s invited!

What: It’s 24/7 open beta. The purchase of gold is “95 percent ready” so you might be able to buy Golden Age, heroes, and skins.

Where: The map rotation is here. Note that Borderlands will not be 24/7, and subject to the rotation.

When: The launch time is 2pm Eastern (11am Pacific)!

Why: To gather all the materials your buildings have produced since the last time you logged in, of course.

If you can attend, please RSVP at your earliest convenience.






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