Prime World is Live


Prime World Launches for All-Day Every-Day Play

(Click here to sign up and start downloading the game)

It’s been awhile since we’ve last stepped into Prime World. Almost three weeks since we rose those satisfying flags, sent our friends to slave in the mines, studied the stats of our favorite hero, and *** to ****** friends. But today is the day, folks. Prime World is Live!

Prime World opened its gates at 2 p.m. EST for your gaming pleasure.

Technically it’s “open beta” but let’s be honest, the game is live and we can play it 24/7. Gold can be purchased to your heart’s content and your wallet’s discontent. New hero skins make their way for viewing pleasure; check them out here.

Interested in the patch notes? Well there aren’t any.

Make sure to check out MobaMonsterTV this upcoming Monday, where I will be streaming Prime World starting at 8pm EST.



Greg (oZZie) is a game connoisseur and frequent scribbler at heart, making writing about games a particularly satisfying dream. Also known as the fulfillment of a "double dream." In his free time he likes to coin terms, write metaphysical fiction that only makes sense in his head, and harbor sweet nostalgia for the games of old. He is currently playing Dota 2, The Walking Dead, and graduate school.

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