Prime World Cash Shop Explained


Spending Gold at Prime World’s Cash Shop

The numbers presented in this article are taken from my account as an Imperium player. Simply change the hero/resource names for Keeper costs.

Gold is Prime World’s real money currency — you pay them dollars and get gold in return. With the castle-building side of the game being resource extensive, finding out how gold fits in can be tricky. All the pretty buildings in your keep make Silver, Food, Ore, Wood, and Prime Crystals. You cannot produce gold since it takes the real thing ($$) but you can bum a few gold as a reward during the quest line. So here’s what you can do with your cash in Prime World.



In Prime World, you must unlock heroes to play. Some heroes are unlocked with silver, some with gold, and some from just starting up the game. Heroes in Prime World gain experience, so unlocking a particularly interesting hero is satisfying since your progress will persist as you play. Currently there are two hero purchase deals that can be accessed at the top right of the castle screen, where the green icon of a horn is perched.

  • For 9 gold, you can purchase a hero worth 125k silver (all the way up to Arcane Wyrm)
  • For a set amount of gold, purchase a hero that requires castle level 20 or above (even if you don’t have that castle level)

The rest of the heroes must be purchased with silver. And don’t forget that all heroes can be purchased with silver, although some take a great deal of time to unlock.

So let’s say you don’t want to be confined to a few heroes and want to unlock every one right off the bat. My stats man Maxentius brings to you the juicy numerical data for your viewing pleasure.


Max, I want to buy all the heroes. What do I need?

A total of 2848 gold is required to purchase all the heroes (using the 9 gold offer to purchase Arcane Wyrm to be most efficient)

A total of 835,450 silver is required to unlock the rest of the heroes (Frog Whisperer makes up a whopping 500k of this number)


And what is that cost in dollars?

$94.92. You can’t buy the 835,450 silver though, so you have to earn that.


Dog’s/Cat’s House


While you’ve been traversing the Prime World countryside, you might have noticed a fluffy companion next to the enemy Highlander. Then again maybe not, because he’s trying to kill you with a giant sword. The Dog’s or Cat’s House can be purchased in your castle and it gives you a variety of bonuses. They cost 99 gold and the rewards are especially geared towards new players. Information on the specific bonuses can be found here.


Hero Skins

Skins make you into a unique snowflake instead of just another clone. Heroes can change their style quite a bit, and even their voice and animations can be different. A change of gender is typical for many of the skins. Since the launch, most heroes have at least one skin to chose from and each cost a varying amount of gold. The Gunsmith, an Inventor skin, costs as low as 29 gold. The Russian client has significantly more skins at the moment, however. Still, Nival clearly has plans to expand the selection for western players. In fact, new skins have been added for launch. But will we see a Ned Stark skin for the Wanderer? Probably not.



Golden Age

Remember in Civilization when your empire went into a golden age and it rained glittering prizes? Everyone was happy and your production went into overdrive? Yup, it’s like that. If you purchase Golden Age, your production and experience are doubled and, more importantly, the looks of your castle will change to a nice, regal style. Golden Age only lasts for a certain duration, however, so when it’s over you go back to business as usual.

Golden Age currently lasts and costs

  • 3 days for 49 gold
  • 7 days for 99 gold
  • 30 days for 299 gold



So ponder this cash shop info while you’re listening to calming castle music and waiting for your least favorite mode to rotate away.





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