Awesomenauts Patch 2.5 – Skree & AI Editor

Awesomenauts Patch 2.5 – Skree & AI Editor

The new patch includes the new character Skree who is a burst assassin who can block enemy paths with his wall-like totem and burst enemies with his sawblades.  Also included in this patch are the AI editor and some balance changes, most noticeably nerfs to Starstorm Nauts.
NEW character: Skree
Skree, the powerful but superstitious techno shaman!
-Shoot lightning from your mechanical rod!
-Summon a robotic wall that blocks movement!
-Shoot a spinning blade, that stays in one position for a limited time. You can place it and pull it towards you!
-Skree floats on a swirling set of blades, by holding the jump button he can stay on the same altitude in air!NEW: AI modding
The AI editor is now distributed with the game. All platforms can load modded AIs, but the AI editor itself is only available on Windows. This also includes our AI debugging tools (the “F4 editor”). Check this topic for a basic guide on how AI modding works: AI modding guide

NEW: Brazilian Portuguese language support
Thanks to the help of the awesome Brazilian community all texts in the game have been translated to Brazilian Portuguese.

Replays (also for previously recorded replays)
These fixes also affect replays that were recorded before this patch
-Fixed an issue where some replays wouldn’t show up in the replay browser.
-Deathmatches now lock the camera correctly between the arena bounds instead of allowing you to see the complete level
-Clicking on the minimap will now move the camera to the clicked on location
-Alt-tab will no longer pause the replay
-Upon a player disconnecting, the statistics will no longer show their data or duplicate other data
-Upon a player disconnecting, their character portrait will now disappear accordingly
-Replays now start with a hidden playdock (so that you are not spoiled on the length of the match if you don’t want to know it).

Replays (newly recorded only)
These fixes only affect newly recorded replays
-The replay menu now indicates which players are bots by showing a bot icon on the character icons
-New statistics have been added: Damage done/taken, DPS and Healing done/taken
-Fixed that if host migration happened twice shortly after each other, bases and turrets would sometimes disappear from the replay for up to ten seconds.
-Replay files are now stored 30 seconds later to avoid abuse

General fixes
-Improved framerate at bottom lanes of Aiguillon, Sorona and AI Station. This is most noticeable around the bottom turrets of Aiguillon. Results will vary per computer, but especially on older videocards the framerate might in some cases go up with as much as 50% in these areas.
-Shop will again close automatically when the droppod is launched.
-Decreased volumes of low health warning, shooting turrets, damaged turret electric effect, turret under attack alarm.
-Fixed that some sounds would sometimes have a fastly ticking sound added to them.
-Fixed that game would crash at the intro video when no audio device is present
-Fixed that announcer lines “first blood” and “double kill” often were not played

General gameplay
-Turrets no longer receive damage when they are not shooting
-Turrets stop taking damage while firing if they haven’t been able to hit a target for 3s
-Fixed an issue where characters that can float would sometimes not be able to jump when standing on a platform that was moving down
-Improved jumping responsiveness when already pressing jump just before actually hitting the ground
-Fixed that bullet detonation did not work anymore if you had been stunned after firing the bullet
-Fixed that the flying droid created by Genji or Raelynn would very rarely become invisible and invincible for other players

-Weedlings already planted, now gain any upgrades bought directly instead of replanting them
-Health reduced from 140 to 135

-Drones already in play, now gain any upgrades bought directly instead of resummoning them

-Deployment pads, fixed a bug where it could be triggered multiple times

-Bug detector, gravity reduced from 75% to 35%
-Photon mines, lifetime reduced from 2.5s to 2s
-Interrogation answering machine, description now shows the correct value
-Teleport beacon, fixed an issue where multiple beacons could be placed after death
-Disguise moustache, price increased from 185 to 225 Solar per stage
-Not so serious tank, added a third stage
-Not so serious tank, price reduced from 210 to 145 Solar per stage
-Not so serious tank, damage reduced from 2 to 1 per stage
-Black hole sun, reduced the gravity by 15%

-Fixed a text error in Penny’s movement description
-Pounce, stun reduced from 0.65s to 0.4s
-Claw, damage reduced from 10 to 9
-Sentient rock, price increased from 95 to 135 Solar per stage
-Reduced health from 130 to 120
-Reduced the explosion range of pounce slightly

Ted McPain
-Shotgun, damage against turrets reduced by 20%
-Ted Mc Pain figurine, shotgun damage reduced from 5 to 4 per stage
-Shotgun, attackspeed reduced by 20%
-Stimpack, attackspeed increased by 5%

Patch 2.5.1 (hotfix)
-Fixed that sound was completely broken or slightly broken for some players. The rare subtle ticking bug that we had tried to fix is back now, but few people had noticed that one anyway, so we will fix that later
-Increased the delay before a turret becomes invincible again after shooting from 0.5s to 1s
-Fixed that replays sometimes claimed the chatlog was corrupted when this was not really the case

-Fixed that Skree’s lightning attack had less range when aiming at someone behind the player
-Fixed that Skree’s Sawblades remained in the level when the Skree player had already disconnected
-Unlocks of Skree’s items now have their appropriate icons
-Spare blade, the second saw blade now has a small delay before it can be pulled back (0.3s)
-Spare blade, added size to description
-Soul connectors, now displays the correct value
-Lightning rod, added explanation about the damage to secondary targets
-Mask of fear, added size to description
-Voodoo Doll, added size to description
-Trial elixir of knowledge, added size to description




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