WarFrame: Orokin Vaults Revealed

Tenno, we have made a new discovery. In the derelict Orokin ships that we have been raiding, there lies within vaults containing rare artifacts. When the Orokin ships could not jump to the Void, the ships locked down, storing their most valuable tech, the Corrupted Mods, in these vaults.

Finding a Vault is relatively easy. The difficult part is opening it. Each Orokin Derelict level will have one vault that can only be opened with a Dragon Key. These Keys can be manufactured from blueprints found on the Market for 500 credits. Creating a Dragon Key only costs a Void Key and 500 ferrite, and only takes a minute to construct. To use a Dragon Key, simply equip it in your Gear slot in your Arsenal. Be aware, Tenno. These Vaults can be only opened by one specific key, and there are four possible Dragon Keys. What’s more: the Dragon Keys each take a great toll on it’s wielder. One saps your strength, making you move 50% slower. Another takes 75% of your shields’ power. A similar one takes 75% health. Finally, one feeds on the damage you deal to enemies, reducing it by 75%.

Artifacts obtained from these Vaults are extremely rare and unique. They are the first mods to grant bonuses at the expense of another feature. For example, Magnum Force. It grants a damage booster while increasing weapon recoil.

Good luck and good hunting, Tenno.

View the full transmission from the Lotus here.

Author’s Transmission

This update brings a new aspect to the game: mods that detract from weapon performance. Raiding a Vault can be difficult, but with the right team can be a good challenge, keeping experienced players on their toes.

However, I personally don’t think that the mods obtained from the vaults bring enough benefit for the amount of effort put into acquiring them. For starters, there are already mods out there that boost weapon performance much better than the Corrupted Mods, with no penalties. Second, making a Dragon Key requires a Void Key, which is quite valuable in and of itself. Third, the Dragon Keys give severe penalties, which call the worth of the Corrupted Mods into question. Overall, the Vaults were a very good idea, but in practice, the rewards are not nearly enough to outweigh trouble caused to obtain them.

Even so, I hope that they can balance out the Corrupted mods in the future to allow them to be as rewarding as, say, Nightmare Mode mods. For after all, carrying a Dragon Key is basically voluntary Nightmare Mode. Keep fighting, Tenno!



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