A New Partner Site Currently in Beta – MobaSkins

MobaA New Partner Site currently in Beta – MobaSkins

The Moba scene is getting bigger day by day and new services are being introduced constantly to the bigger titles. I think one good example is www.Mobafire.com franchise, which have pretty much monopolized ~80% of the Guide traffic. Yet there is lot of things to be conquered; one being Custom Skin department and that is why we launched www.MobaSkins.com in beta. To Commonly asked questions see the stuff down below!

Will the site only have Custom League Of Legends skins?

  • The Site will have League Of Legends skins for now and as for customization stuff increases we are planning to add some Dota 2 and probably other games that allow editing their DDS files pretty much.

How does the service differ from Leaguecraft?

  • We want to bring lot of premium skins for our readers/users. Leaguecraft is a great service, but it really has lacked lot of moderation lately and is filled ton of spammers/trolls, which are hardly dealt with. We will have control over who can post content on our website, so it can’t be accessed by trolls. We also see that the skins are bit higher quality and descriptions + attachments are dated, we intend to fill lot of information on each post like does X Skin require skin to work etc.

Is it legal to use Custom Skins?

  • Yes, its perfectly fine to do so and Riot has stated they are not against it.

Will the website have Custom UI Skins? Or other alteration services?

  • Yes eventually we will have so, but we won’t be uploading any hack stuff.

Are the Skins free to download?

  • Yes everything will be free on the website, but we might plan some sort of a request service or skin artist for hire stuff perhaps.

What will be different from the BETA to release?

  • We still haven’t bought a Logo artist so there is something to do with visual image of the site and general brand/image. Navigation and how the downloading works is pretty final. Submission systems might change over time a bit and of course there will be more much content and maybe more frequently also n the future.

I hope people will check out the MobaSkins Twitter and Facebook Page for further updates and of course bookmark our website in case you are in for some cool skins and other custom stuff in the future.



Sugi is Owner of MobaMonster. He likes to try/play different Moba games in the market and is very competitive gamer. Currently is looking forward to Strife and Core Masters. Sugi's grammar is bad.

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