Nasus Visual Rework

Nasus Visual Rework

This dog is finally getting a new model (I’m glad that my Riot Nasus gets buffed), its most likely going to be released on patch 3.14, i have wild theory that there will be magma chamber patch, along with new Renekton visual update and unreleased bird Champion, but just a guess have to wait till results.

Here’s Ququroon with more info:

“Nasus is shaking off years of rough abrasion from the sands and returning to the battlefield with a complete visual update. Armored with refined plate and a higher fidelity look for his signature halberd, Nasus’s new model reflects his unbounded intellect and immense power.

Beyond the new model, all of Nasus’s abilities, animations and particles have been updated. His ultimate, Fury of the Sands, summons the ferocity of the desert tempest, and Spirit Fire burns with arcane etching upon the ground. Along with his model and visual changes, the Curator of the Sand’s sound effects and voiceover have been updated and expanded, exposing more of the vast archive in Nasus’s mind.”



They also released a Legendary Nasus Skin, which is kinda like Cerberos (he grows 2 additional heads with ultimate).


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