NA LCS–Week 1 Recap

LCS longNA LCS–Week 1 Recap

While lacking the controversy and turmoil of the European LCS offseason, North American LCS fans had plenty to wonder about as the spring split began.  With only one new team, Evil Geniuses, joining the league, fans would still have plenty of questions about the roster changes of their favorite teams.  Who would step into the leadership role for Team Solo Mid with their long time mid laner, Reginald, retiring?  Would Dignitas find a rhythm with their new top laner, Cruzerthebruiser, and rebound after their embarassing defeat in the Battle of the Atlantic.  Could Voyboy bring his aggressive playmaking mentality down to the midlane for Curse?  Who in the world would be jungling for Counter Logic Gaming?  One week may not be enough to determine the answer to these questions and more, but one thing is certain–the strength of North America is growing, and fans are in for a treat this year.

Like Alistar in the mid lane after the Season One championships, Teemo will be inducing rage in ranked games for weeks to come thanks to Hai and Cloud 9

Day 1–In a rematch of the summer split championship, Cloud 9 made solo queue players everywhere rage in anticipation of all the Teemo mid lanes to come.  Hai and his little furry hate magnet would slowly but surely beat down Team Solo Mid in the first match of 2014.  Up next, XDG got to make their case for the role swapping of Xmithie and Zuna against the newly formed Evil Geniuses team.  Snoopeh, Krepo, and company got a bit too excited in picks and bans after being able to pick up both Kassadin and Yasuo (two of the most highly contested picks of the week).  Two of the strongest picks, and a poor team composition around them, would be just enough for Zuna’s Olaf to run rampant over the newcomers.  After a devastating Kayle from XDG’s Mandatorycloud, Voyboy on Yasuo and the rest of Curse would showcase their new lineup with a convincing win against Team Coast. Cloud 9 would then take their next victory from XDG, almost punishing Bloodwater and crew for banning Hai’s newfound Teemo.  No really, they banned Teemo.  Bjergsen reminded everyone in North America that Zed is still powerful in the mid lane as he carried TSM to a win over Evil Geniuses, and in the final match of the day, Counter Logic Gaming and Dignitas turned the clock back to Season One.  After losing their new jungler Dexter, to visa issues, CLG was left without a starting jungler.  All eyes were on CLG as team owner HotshotGG would come out of retirement and take over the mid lane, moving Link to the jungle.  HotshotGG and Dignitas’ Scarra were both able to pick their old staple champions Nidalee and Katarina respectively.  After shaking off the rust, Hotshot and his spears would lead CLG to their first victory of the spring split, ending day one with a treat for longtime fans of League of Legends.

Cloud 9 vs Team Solo Mid

Winner: Cloud 9

Bans Dr. Mundo Kass
Shyvana Kha’Zix
Olaf Elise
Picks Vi Annie
Caitlyn Lucian
Thresh Gragas
Renekton Nunu
Teemo Nasus



Evil Geniuses vs XDG

Winner: XDG

Bans Kha’Zix Leona
Vi Riven
Elise Annie
Picks Kassadin Thresh
Yasuo Olaf
Lucian Kayle
Lee Sin Jinx
Lulu Renekton



Curse vs Team Coast

Winner: Curse

Bans Leona Kassadin
Olaf Kha’Zix
Riven Renekton
Picks Elise Annie
Lulu Shyvana
Caitlyn Nidalee
Dr. Mundo Varus
Yasuo Trundle



XDG vs Cloud 9

Winner: Cloud 9

Bans Teemo Kassadin
Riven Kayle
Kha’Zix Olaf
Picks Elise Shyvana
Lucian Yasuo
Annie Thresh
Gragas Caitlyn
Warwick Vi



Team Solo Mid vs Evil Geniuses

Winner: Team Solo Mid

Bans Yasuo Kassadin
Riven Elise
Hecarim Kha’Zix
Picks Olaf Caitlyn
Shyvana Vi
Leona Ziggs
Sivir Lee Sin
Zed Thresh



Counter Logic Gaming vs Dignitas

Winner: Counter Logic Gaming

Bans Gragas Kassadin
Yasuo Leblanc
Kayle Ziggs
Picks Annie Shyvana
Kha’Zix Elise
Jinx Leona
Nidalee Lucian
Zac Katarina



WIth Kassadin consistently banned out, Leblanc became a highly contested pick for the NA’s playmaking mid laners

Day 2–In possibly the most entertaining match of the week, Curse brought out their Yasuo counter in Akali, as well as the first Jungle Pantheon in the LCS.  Skyfalls from half a world away, all or nothing dives from Voyboy, and spot on followup from Quas on Karthus would give Curse a dominating victory over XDG.  Next, CLG picked Cassiopeia.  HotshotGG did not do very well with Cassiopeia.  Cloud 9 beat CLG.  In the next match, TSM would take the fastest victory of the week against a reeling Dignitas.  Evil Geniuses would then pick up their first and only victory of the week against CLG, a fitting win for three former members of the once great CLG.EU. Dignitas rebounded with a win over Team Coast, with Scarra reminding everyone why he made the 2013 all star team with his solid Karthus play in the last match of the day.

Curse vs XDG

Winer: Curse

Bans Kayle Riven
Olaf Kha’Zix
Elise Kassadin
Picks Annie Yasuo
Pantheon Vi
Caitlyn Leona
Akali Shyvana
Karthus Jinx



Cloud 9 vs Counter Logic Gaming

Winner: Cloud 9

Bans Leblanc Kassadin
Nidalee Yasuo
Kayle Kha’Zix
Picks Elise Shyvana
Dr. Mundo Annie
Lucian Vi
Zed Jinx
Thresh Cassiopeia



Dignitas vs Team Solo Mid

Winner: Team Solo Mid

Bans Renekton Kassadin
Zed Gragas
Shyvana Dr. Mundo
Picks Annie Thresh
Lee Sin Elise
Lucian Leblanc
Trundle Jinx
Yasuo Warwick



Evil Geniuses vs Counter Logic Gaming

Winner: Evil Geniuses

Bans Leblanc Kassadin
Jinx Ziggs
Annie Gragas
Picks Thresh Shyvana
Olaf Elise
Caitlyn Nidalee
Dr. Mundo Leona
Kha’Zix Ezreal



Team Coast vs Dignitas

Winner: Dignitas

Bans Renekton Leblanc
Gragas Kassadin
Shyvana Ziggs
Picks Elise Annie
Thresh Jinx
Varus Wukong
Kayle Dr. Mundo
Yasuo Karthus



Nidalee made an appearance in several games throughout week one, with very mixed results

Day 3–Day three began with a perfect win by CLG over Curse.  Iwilldominate tried to continue his trend of unconventional junglers with Gragas, but combined with a perfectly ineffective Kha’Zix from Voyboy, Curse could do nothing all game.  Dignitas has always been a team reliant on momentum, and that fact crystallized in their dominating win against Cloud 9.  Team Coast will likely draw Leblanc games for weeks to come after Shiphtur ran over Evil Geniuses, who ended the week right where they began–dead last.  In the next match, TSM shut down Voyboy early and often.  Bjergsen used his early advantage to propel TSM to their third victory of the week.  Finally, Zionspartan ran rampant on XDG with a phenomenal performance on Yasuo.  Daydreamin landed several clutch hooks on Thresh, and XDG dropped to the bottom of the standing alongside Evil Geniuses

Counter Logic Gaming vs Curse

Winner: Counter Logic Gaming

Bans Pantheon Leblanc
Yasuo Annie
Kassadin Annie
Picks Elise Caitlyn
Dr. Mundo Lulu
Nidalee Gragas
Vayne Shyvana
Thresh Kha’Zix



Dignitas vs Cloud 9

Winner: Dignitas

Bans Zed Kassadin
Kha’Zix Kayle
Kassadin Annie
Picks Elise Shyvana
Dr. Mundo Elise
Nidalee Riven
Vayne Leona
Thresh Lucian



Team Coast vs Evil Geniuses

Winner: Team Coast

Bans Vi Kassadin
Renekton Annie
Elise Kayle
Picks Olaf Dr. Mundo
Nasus Annie
Leona Wukong
Sivir Lucian
Leblanc Riven


Team Solo Mid vs Curse

Winner: Team Solo Mid

Bans Akalie Kassadin
Pantheon Elise
Gragas Thresh
Picks Olaf Dr. Mundo
Shyvana Annie
Leona Wukong
Sivir Lucian
Leblanc Riven


XDG vs Team Coast

Winner: Team Coast

Bans Riven Olaf
Annie Renekton
Leblanc Kassadin
Picks Elise Thresh
Leona Shyvana
Lucian Yasuo
Dr. Mundo Jinx
Kayle Nidalee


  • While still a top team, Cloud 9 do not look nearly as dominant as they did last season
  • Curse will likely be the most exciting, and most unpredictable, team this season
  • Except in the case of a fed Leblanc, strong team composition will always beat out a team made of strong champions
  • TSM fans are still the loudest fans in the LCS
  • Captain Teemo on duty!

Click here to watch Curse showoff their destructive Pantheon/Karthus combo


Aydin has been following competetive League of Legends since before Season 1. He loves playing support, and longs for the day when Heimerdinger will make his LCS debut.

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