NA LCS Super Week!


Well it’s finally come to it, Week 9 of the League of Legends North American LCS. This is the second super week of the Summer Split for the season, if you’re not sure what that means, it means that every team will play 5 times this weekend throughout a total of 20 games going Wednesday through Friday.

As it stands the current standings for the North American LCS are

  1. Cloud 9 | 21-2
  2. Team Vulcun | 15-8
  3. CLG | 11-12
  4. Dignitas | 11-12
  5. Team SoloMid | 11-12
  6. Team Curse | 9-14
  7. Team Coast | 9-14
  8. Velocity eSports | 5-18

To enter the playoffs for the Summer Split, a team must be in the top 6 in the standings at the end of week 9.

Cloud 9 has secured their number one spot indefinitely going into the Semifinals of the Summer Split Playoffs.

If Vulcun wins any 2 of their 5 matches throughout this super week, they’ll secure their semifinal position in the summer playoffs.

NOW, here is where things can get a little complex with the standings for the end of week 9. WHO’S READY FOR MATH?

  • Velocity eSports is currently in last place, BUT if they manage to win all 5 games during their Super Week, and Team Coast for example wins 1 game and loses 4 games, they would both tie for last place and would not be going onto the summer playoffs.
  • But if Team Curse loses all 5 of their games this week, and Team Coast wins one of their 5 games, they will take Curse’s 6th place spot and move onto the playoffs, whereas Curse will be eliminated from Playoffs/Worlds and their Season 3 will be over.
  • There are also many possibilities and variables that can happen, if Vulcun loses 4 games out of 5, they’ll go into a tie for 3rd place and lower their chances of securing a top 3 spot to go to worlds with a 16-12 record for the season.
  • The most complicated aspect is CLG/Dignitas/TSM, as they are all tied at the moment. It is hard to say what can happen, CLG could win 4 out of 5 games, or 2 out of 5. Dignitas could lose all 5 games putting them down to a possible 7th place finish. TSM could win all 5 games this week and secure a 2nd place going into the playoffs if Team Vulcun loses all 5 of their games.

This is the most important week for many of these teams, aside from Cloud 9 who has allowed themselves a little bit of breathing room by securing their semifinal position from the first 8 weeks. Aside from not competing in the World Playoffs, this could possibly be the last go around for many of these teams. Some players may retire, join other teams, and find other opportunities where they might arise. We will have to see what happens this week.

Super Week Schedule 8/14/13 – 8/16/13

Matches begin:

Wednesday 8/14 4PM EST/7PM PST/10PM CEST

Match 1: 38px-Clglogo_stdCLG vs Coast38px-Clogo_std

Match 2: 38px-Dignitaslogo_stdDignitas vs Curse38px-Crslogo_std

Match 3: 38px-Velocity_eSportsLogo_stdVelocity vs TSM38px-Tsmlogo_std

Match 4: 38px-Teamvulcunlogo_stdVulcun vs Cloud 938px-C9logo_std

Match 5: 38px-Tsmlogo_stdTSM vs Coast38px-Clogo_std

Match 6: 38px-Dignitaslogo_stdDignitas vs Vulcun38px-Teamvulcunlogo_std

Thursday 8/15 4PM EST/7PM PST/10PM CEST

Match 1: 38px-Clglogo_stdCLG vs Cloud 9 38px-C9logo_std

Match 2: 38px-Velocity_eSportsLogo_stdVelocity eSports vs Curse38px-Crslogo_std

Match 3: 38px-Teamvulcunlogo_stdVulcun vs Coast38px-Clogo_std

Match 4: 38px-C9logo_stdCloud 9 vs Dignitas38px-Dignitaslogo_std

Match 5: 38px-Velocity_eSportsLogo_stdVelocity vs CLG38px-Clglogo_std

Match 6: 38px-Crslogo_stdCurse vs TSM38px-Tsmlogo_std

Friday 8/16 4PM EST/7PM PST/10PM CEST

Match 1: 38px-Clogo_stdCoast vs Cloud 938px-C9logo_std

Match 2: 38px-Dignitaslogo_stdDignitas vs Velocity38px-Velocity_eSportsLogo_std

Match 3: 38px-Teamvulcunlogo_stdVulcun vs TSM38px-Tsmlogo_std

Match 4: 38px-Crslogo_stdCurse vs CLG38px-Clglogo_std

Match 5: 38px-Velocity_eSportsLogo_stdVelocity vs Vulcun38px-Teamvulcunlogo_std

Match 6: 38px-Dignitaslogo_stdDignitas vs CLG38px-Clglogo_std

Match 7: 38px-Clogo_stdCoast vs Curse38px-Crslogo_std

Match 8: 38px-C9logo_stdCloud 9 vs TSM38px-Tsmlogo_std


I am looking forward to this week, as the stakes are high and the risks that will be taken are sure to be great to watch. See you on the rift.


RyjinX is a enthusiast of gaming all-around, with a primary focus on MOBAs and RPGS. He is an avid League of Legends player and follows the competitive scene to a T. Loves Mega Man.

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