MOBAFire Challenger Series Week 2!


Hello summoners, the MOBAFire Challenger Series is continuing this week with another 14 matches to watch this week. The games went well and were very entertaining to watch and I look forward to the rest of their season.

A quick recap of last week to get everyone caught up on the standings:

  • Curse Academy went 2-0 with dominant wins over New World Eclipse and Reality Check Gaming
  • Team Tower Dive went 1-1 with a win over Gold Gaming LA and a loss to Wazabi Gaming
  • Gold Gaming LA earned their victory in week 1 over compLexity Academy
  • Team Tempest unfortunately went 0-2 with losses to Wazabi Gaming and New World Eclipse
  • Wazabi Gaming is tied with Curse Academy with 2-0
  • compLexity Academy won over Exertus Zeal
  • Denial eSports defeated Reality Check Gaming and Aware Gaming
  • FXOpen is also undefeated so far with wins over compLexity and Exertus Zeal
  • Team Summon earned a victory over Aware Gaming but lost to compLexity

As seen by many the favorites to go towards the final win in this tournament are between Denial, Curse Academy, Wazabi Gaming, and FXOpen, all 4 teams showed a stronger synergy, well use of their team compositions, and overall better play from their team members, but week 2 I am sure many of the teams have licked their wounds and have come up with new battle plans.

Some highlights from last week included:

  • Wazabi’s dominant show of force with extreme tower hatred against Team Tempest, with their top lane player iDream snowballing quickly and turned into a rapid fire Shock Blast machine.
  • Shaoster’s extremely potent play of Twisted Fate in Mid against Tempest’s xProfQuackers Zed with brilliant use of Zhonya’s Hourglass to render Zed’s Death Mark useless
  • BunnyFuFuu of Gold Gaming LA with a game changing Nami Tidal Wave in the jungle to secure a well played team fight and push to victory against compLexity Academy

The action begins this week on Monday, and the schedule of matches include:

7/15/13 6:00PM PST

realitycheck Reality Check Gaming vs New World Eclipsenwenotext

compacadcompLexity Academy vs Wazabi Gamingwazabi fix

fxoFXOpen vs Gold Gaming LAgglanew

tempest2Tempest vs Team Tower Divetower

7/16/13 (There is some confusion on the website with the schedule I believe as there is a 9PM match listed before the 6PM matches) 6:00PM PST

aware fixAware Gaming vs Curse Academycurse

teamsummonerTeam Summon vs Exertus Zealexertuslog fix

denialDenial eSports vs compLexitycomplex

compacadcompLexity Academy vs Team Tower Divetower

aware fixAware Gaming vs New World Eclipsenwenotext

7/17/13 6:00PM PST

fxoFXOpen vs Wazabiwazabi fix

complexcompLexity vs Curse Academycurse

teamsummonerTeam Summon vs Gold Gaming LAgglanew

tempest2Tempest vs Reality Check Gamingrealitycheck

denialDenial eSports vs Exertus Zealexertuslog fix

It is hard to predict these matches as there has only been one week of action, and these are completely fresh teams to the pro League of Legends scene, I will be watching each match intently to see where the standings lie at the end of the week.

Remember to tune into the MCS Twitch Channel to watch the live matches, and also where VODS of the previous week’s matches can be watched so you can get caught up on the action.


RyjinX is a enthusiast of gaming all-around, with a primary focus on MOBAs and RPGS. He is an avid League of Legends player and follows the competitive scene to a T. Loves Mega Man.

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