Moba Games of 2014

MOBA Games in 2014

This is your forecast for MOBA Games in 2014. There is going to be lot of new games coming to the market and try to get piece of the competition. I see lot of direct competition against League Of Legends and DOTA 2, yet lot of these gaming companies haven’t talked about Western releases of their games, if they are successful there is high chance that they will be released at western world. (I will update this now and then through the year so people have some sort of understanding where we are going with this).

Please check out more recent post of the matter “Year of the moba” for more information about the games and scene for 2014

Release List

This a list of games that are going to get released soon or are going to get western or other continental release during this year. Indie Moba games have been moved to their own section below.


 Strife box







Chaos Online





AGe of storm



Indie Moba Games

This Indie list is created for Browser, iOS, Phone or other medium type of Moba games, which are smaller or just different as whole.








Sugi is Owner of MobaMonster. He likes to try/play different Moba games in the market and is very competitive gamer. Currently is looking forward to Strife and Core Masters. Sugi's grammar is bad.

  • Anonymous

    Man i quit DOTA ,but i surveyed all moba games on your website ,
    and i found all of them are bad graphic except DOTA .
    why they dont creat a moba with good graphic

    • Yeah, but its most likely a taste question….

      Surely SMITE, League and Strife have really good graphics, its just depending what do you like most. Besides graphics don’t mean crap if the game is great.

    • Anonymous

      This seems an upcoming MOBA, maybe you like the graphics:

  • Anonymous

    still dota 1 rocks 😀 but im waiting for heroes of the storm cant wait to play that game it beat all moba’s ( My opinion )

  • punipunimun

    im pretty sure those tier 2 will flop…..and gone into thin air….cause why all of em is lame as fuck especially smite <—-the casual fucking game ever….and every single heroes have some escape mechanism and the rehash and uninteresting skills skit make it even more boring….

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