MOBA Games of 2016

MOBA Games of 2016

The Annual video is making its return as we explore new moba games coming out in 2016 and beyond. This time the video is rather more in-depth compared to previous years, exploring the games that died of 2015 and also doing analysis how will the existing games do this year and what some have to do in order to stay alive in the scene.

I’ve broken down the video in different segments, which you can also browse via timestamps listed below and also on the video description (For easier browsing essentially)

  • Look at MOBA games that were shut down during 2015 and explaining why did these things happen and what were root causes
  • Insight into current top 5 moba’s (based on eSports numbers & playerbase) analysing their 2016 year and how they will be trending during that, will there be decline or rise etc.
  • Going into analysis of the Wildcard MOBA’s which are games that are currently not in open beta or have very limited accessability and most likely have some sort of a NDA in place
  • Quick look at MOBA scene at Asia and how those games might be breaking into Western market
  • As last segment i talk about games that are in huge decline and verge of cancellation/death essentially


0:04 – Intro
0:52 – Moba Games that got closed in 2015
5:42 – The Top 5 of the Scene (right now)
7:55 – Look at League Of Legends for 2016
9:29 – Look at Dota 2 for 2016
11:54 – Look at SMITE for 2016
14:25 – Look at Heroes Of The Storm for 2016
17:25 – Look at VainGlory for 2016
18:59 – Wildcard Moba’s
19:20 – Gigantic
20:57 – Arena Of Fate
22:05 – The Godlike
22:44 – Paragon
24:21 – Asian Moba Market
24:39 – Battle Of The Gods
25:09 – God Of Destiny
25:48 – King Of Wushu
26:37 – NeTease AllStars
27:13 – Master x Master
28:16 – MOBA Graveyard
28:29 – HoN & Strife
29:27 – Shards Of War
30:09 – PrimeWorld
30:17 – Golden Rush & HoS
30:26 – Awesomenauts & Super MNC
30:44 – Ending Speech

* I do want to say that i forgot to add SuperNova to the video, but that game has no legit promise of succeeding in the space at all due to Scifi being such a hard niche in the market and the game hasn’t attracted lot of attention during its closed beta phase.
* Also shortly after the video it was announced that Master x Master would have western release coming up soon in latter half of 2016


Sugi is Owner of MobaMonster. He likes to try/play different Moba games in the market and is very competitive gamer. Currently is looking forward to Strife and Core Masters. Sugi's grammar is bad.

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