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Almost a year ago i did list of Moba Games of 2014, but this time i will be doing the list of 2015, which consists old and new MOBA Games and putting some of tier list system as last time. If you are interested some detailed information about specific titles i would check this page – http://mobamonster.com/list-of-moba-games/

It’s important to give some context why certain games can’t survive in the scene, one of the most important things factors is are you on steam or not, its extremely hard to live without it unless you got something really special going for you. Even though titles like Deadbreed, Sins of a dark age and Prime World are in steam doesn’t necessarily grant success since these games were flawed in multiple ways in their gameplay or design choices.

Tier 1

This is the behemoth list – the top dogs who are miles ahead rest of the competition and most stable when it comes to financial side. Don’t expect these games going anywhere in any near future

  • League Of Legends – Nobody is going to challenge LoL for first spot, they got good stuff coming up for the game such as Japanese servers so the game is just expanding going to 2015 year. Although there are some key problems that are poorly dealt with one being toxicity, one thing that our recently pass brother DawnGate did really well, was the karma system (Best behavior system known to date). Also they been bit inconsistent on their timings, its been 5 seasons and we still don’t have voicepacks? How come such simple feature can take this long…
  • DOTA 2 – I Don’t think dota has much room to grow and thats probably its problem. Its already available cross the world and they have their issues with International (They need to do something with prize structure and how it work). As for the game itself, it always have been very similar and community is not someone who embraces change. So don’t expect it to be any different.
  • SMITE – This game has grown so much in recent future and i’m glad that Hi Rez is doing well i have lot good things to say about their company and how they treat their community. While eSports number are kinda weak related to player base, i think thats because the spectator angle of the game. I Don’t see it as great viewing experience.

Tier 2

This list is still very shaky and we don’t know how exactly these titles are going to pull off from the magicians hat. It’s hard to predict how this will be executed, but each of these titles have immense potential.

  • Gigantic – I love the art style and gameplay design choices made for this game and i think it will be very compelling experience to many. Motiga is brand new company so we will have to see if they have the necessary funding and servers to keep up with the demand. Much i think relies on infrastructure, they may go with Steam and may not. Based on current factors and facts its hard to predict.
  • Core Masters – My personal favorite and i have to say i got personal bias and thats why its on Tier 2 instead of Tier 3. Although i think games graphics are really nice, characters are moe <3 and cool, i’m still not 100% sure how people will react to this arena type of gameplay. Game hasn’t been super successful in Japan, but that doesn’t equate to North American and European numbers. Garena version launches this December.
  • Heroes Of the Storm – This game is solely on this list because its Blizzard game and such company would never announce game like this “Dead” at any point, but i feel thats going to be the case. I feel the game is pretty boring after few games, since it forces same type of playstyle on each game, even though there are different maps, you still lack real customization in the game. People were too negative about Rune system which could have been potentially good if it been tweaked. Long story short it lacks depth and is probably horrible experience as solo player.
  • Arena Of Fate – This is going to be 3rd biggest MOBA (if you discount 3D ones) i believe crytek is sitting on gold mine with this game. It fixes lot of core problems of typical MOBA gameplay and same time introduces new cool mechanics. Graphics, designs and characters are top notch. Only thing that game might need is more customization features, but i’m not 100% sure about this. Further testing is required to give more educated answer.

Unknown Tier

Some games that are kinda hard to predict given current information we have. They fall somewhere between tier 2 and tier 3 among this ladder.

  • Vainglory – This game has huge investments and looks pretty solid for a iPad, sadly it doesn’t have android version yet and hopefully that will happen in near future. There is big chance that can hit really big if they decide to throw some advertisements for it, problem is that can people play tablet game on hardcore and consistent level?
  • Games Of Glory – Great concept, lot of cool ideas and features. But it all comes down to how the game will be executed…right now the game is in raw alpha and has some of the elements already showing up, you can see graphics are bit under the weather, not too much but a bit, then we have some few bad sound effects (But good music) and then Placeholder UI. There can be lot done with this game, if the gameplay becomes much smoother than it currently is.
  • Orcs Must Die! Unchained – This game is kinda hybrid title but decided to still add it here, i personally think its quite refreshing gameplay experience, has lot of strategy involved, good graphics and great character designs (but could use more abilities).

Tier 3

This tier is also known as “Tier of Death”. Pile of games that have no future in the space and probably make close to a zero profit. It’s only matter of time when these get canceled or wrapped up.

  • Strife – S2 games have done multiple layoffs in the company and its only matter of time till these guys call it quit on Strife. There has been multiple Facebook ads, twitch ads and normal advertisement, yet no actual boosts in the community. They are marketing a game that simply isn’t too good. Not saying its horrible title, but it really lacks very cool characters and good soundtrack for instance. I do love the single player missions.
  • Infinite Crisis Its not secret that turbine has already layoffs recently and the whole scene for IC looks really shaky. They have been quite resilient about keeping their game alive, but i feel they have burned too much money at it this point and there is no way to make the capital back, unless the current player base is super hardcore. Game will likely get closed within year 2015 by my estimates.
  • Heroes Of Newerth – The player base is dropping around 5-10% each month for this game, its still kinda big in Asia, but i highly doubt it can do anything anymore at west. The western servers might get closed really soon to be honest.
  • Deadbreed – There are so many things going wrong with this game. Developers launching alpha way too early and buggy. Also they have been very naive about feedback and even deleting some of it. Nobody is currently playing the game right now.
  • Sins Of A Dark Age – This game reminds me of those 7 year old kids who keep telling themselves that their hamster is just sleeping and not moving instead of realizing that the hamster is dead. This game has been in production for too long and the developers didn’t call it quits when they had the chance, now they are just waiting for inevitable destruction.
  • Prime World – Not doing so hot, since they had to merge servers with Russians, i’m surprised the game is still standing. It won’t take too long probably until they make decision to close western support for the game for all.
  • Shards Of War – I actually enjoy playing this game, but its just such a huge niche in the market and for that reason i just can’t see the game going anywhere. Especially since developers can’t jump into steam. Lot of problems were fixed that their predecessor had, like having own client and all that. I’m just afraid that won’t be enough sadly.
  • Tome Immortal Arena – This game had some cool stuff going for it, but lets face it – graphics are outdated and so is some of the elements too. I Just don’t see this exploding anywhere currently, it was already super hard to que into a game.

Asian Tier

Asia has many things going for it and i won’t be jumping into detail of each specific game, but i will say that some games are bound to stay domestic than international such as the Romance of Three Kingdoms MOBA.

  • Battle Of the Gods – I think this 10v10 moba has some bright promises laying on west, but i have to see more of the game until i can comment more about it
  • Nestea Allstars – Similar to heroes of the storm, but just Nestea characters. Don’t know much about this game, but it does look decent to me.
  • God Of Destiny – Steam release might go bad or wrong, not sure yet. I think graphics are way too low to today’s standards, but they have sink lot of money into this, but i’m afraid lot of the stuff won’t appeal to western audience.
  • Master x Master – Dungeon Crawler & MOBA hybrid, this game looks super cool and something i would really want to try out. It has this cool feature that you can swap between two characters during battle and you have PvE missions where you can get loot and level your characters.


This is my Xmas gift for you guys (Readers & followers), there will be small holiday break for me and don’t expect to see too much posts at here during end of December. I wish Happy Christmas for everyone and great new year!



Sugi is Owner of MobaMonster. He likes to try/play different Moba games in the market and is very competitive gamer. Currently is looking forward to Strife and Core Masters. Sugi's grammar is bad.

  • Dillbob

    Since you forgot it, you might consider it tier 3, but what about Infinite Crisis

    • thanks for pointing that out, forgot to write it there. Will fix this

  • DarkerCZ

    And what Witcher Battle Arena, first mobile moba?

    • Its not first. There is vainglory and Fates Forever, but based on what ive heard the monetize model works really poorly on mobile. VainGlory has huge investment from multiple sources and they might be onto something, but i haven’t played this game so its not fair to give any real estimates for these games.

  • Demasdasdasd

    HoN is dying? LoL you’re freaking bias ass just an Y.I author hon is growing in ASIA oh please stop this s2pid non sense and kill yourself

    • As i stated before, they are getting increase in Asia, but their western numbers are dropping monthly a lot. Didn’t their biggest western team StayGreen just swap to Dota recently?

  • Pavel Nechay

    Sins of a Dark Age cool game

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