Merc Elite – Update 11


Merc Elite Update 11

Attention Mercs,
We have just deployed Release 011.1. And we did not only fix a lot of bugs, improved the game left and right, but also refined the game entry, added new Mercs, made some interesting gameplay changes and rebalanced all the old Mercs!

1) Refined Game entry

We have started reworking the first steps in Merc Elite for new players. You will get faster into your first match with less time waiting for data to be downloaded to the client and will have your first match in a more beginner friendly environment. This should lead to a more pleasant first experience with Merc Elite. We will add more steps along the way to give new players a good, solid foundation and the proper knowledge about what makes Merc Elite tick.

2) Premium Units

We also introduced the new Premium Merc classes! Five new classes that have specialized in their very unique take on urban warfare they now offer their services to you!

They have the following things in common:

– They are all T5
– They have each a unique skill
– They have access to all skills right away
– They have 100% weapon proficiency right away
– They have all unique looks
– They have all unique sounds (*meepmeep*)
– They gain 50% more XP
– They have reduced repair costs after the match
– Thee XP and repair cost boni stack with the boni from a Premium account
– They have Elite Status right away
– They all are locked at T5!

Each Merc class has a Premium unit equivalent: The Annihilator is an Assault, the Dreadnought is a Juggernaut, the Phantom is a Recon, the Strategist is a Tactician and the Devastator hails from a long line of Heavy Gunners.

As these are the first new subclasses, we will monitor these new classes carefully to see how they are used and how they will fare in the wild!

3) General Changes

Domination Point Capture Time: The time it takes to capture a Domination Point is now the time it will take one Merc to capture independently from the number of players from your team in the circle. Previously the Domination point would be captured faster if more Mercs from the same team are inside the Domination Point. Now the time is the same no matter if one Merc or five Mercs are capturing an empty Domination Points. The rule that you have to have more friendly Mercs in a Domination Point than enemy Mercs still applies though!
Order of Mercs that will be taken to Battle: The Merc that you will be playing first in the match, is the one on the left and not the one in the middle anymore! Especially if you are a veteran player this could lead to confusion (wink)

Self-cast: By either double-clicking or pressing the corresponding hotkey twice, you will be able to self-cast that ability (this is currently only relevant for the Shield of the Tactician, as it is the only skill for now that can be self-cast)

Skill abort: By moving via right-click a previously selected skill will be deselected again. Example: You play an Assault and have selected the Grenade Launcher skill, you will now deselect it again if you right click somewhere on the map.

Auto-Accept in Matchmaking queue: If you have pressed the Accept button but the match couldn’t be started due to not all players pressing Accept, you will now automatically accept the next matches without needing to press accept!

Match rewards adjusted: The match rewards (XP and VC) are more team oriented now! We reduced the value of pure kills and kill badges and increased the rewards for captures and team oriented gameplay!

4) Balance changes


Rebalanced upgrades; damage and health values reduced
We reduced all damage and health values from Combat Gears and Gear Modifications by 50%. In addition we increased the base health and damage (proficiency) values so that the average values are still the same. This was needed to smooth the damage/health ratio. Previously the damage and health values could be between 60% and 140%. Now the minimum is 80% while the maximum is 120%. In addition the health values now scale differently for all units; a tank will get more health than a recon. We haven’t touched the other values so that they are more appealing now.

Why did we change this?
On the one hand the game becomes a bit too fast when a full damage unit attacks another full damage unit. We all know assassination Recons which can kill a long range assaults with just two skills Stacking all damage upgrades was way too strong for the Assault, Recon and Commander. On the other hand we noticed that most of the players decided to pick the damage and health upgrades over all other upgrades. Through the “power” reduction of health and damage upgrades there are more interesting choices for the player.

Rebalanced Elite Points
Only the Elite Skill requires Elite Points; all Skills which get unlocked at Tier 5 do no longer use elite points! They still have a cooldown though that got increased.

Why did we change this?
We think that the move of Elite Points straight to the Ultimates of the Mercs will help freeing up tactical decisions made more on the Cooldowns available than on the management of Elite Points.


Commando Roll:
– Removed movement speed bonus after roll
– Reduced the time between attacks by 50% for the next 3 shots after roll

– Reduced the time between attacks by 30% for 2 seconds
– Instant reload
– Max charges and don’t lose charges for 2 seconds
– While active the base damage is reduced by 20%
– Cooldown set to 25 seconds
– Removed Elite Point costs

– Increased base attack damage from 18 to 22

Focus Fire:
– Next 3 base attacks deal additional 120% damage; was 30 fix damage before (now this skill scales with Unstoppable Force damage buff)

Unstoppable Force:
– The Heavy needs to hit enemies to raise his damage buff
– Weapon damage bonus increased from 6% to 10% per stack
– Max stack count decreased from 20 to 16
– When not hitting enemies the buff will slowly lose power (10% every 0.28 seconds); previously all damage bonus got lost when not firing for 1 second
– Suppressing Fire raises the damage buff for each enemy hit

Rocket Barrage:
– Switched position with Supressing Fire
– No longer uses Elite Points
– Decreased radius from 5.5 to 3.5
– Decreased damage from 300 to 200
– Cooldown set to 30 seconds
– Increased range from 14 to 20
– Removed Elite Point costs

Suppressing Fire:
– Switched position with Rocket Barrage
– Decreased cooldown from 15 to 4 seconds
– Deals 1.4 base damage per tick; was 85 fix damage before (now this skill scales with Unstoppable Force damage buff)
– Damage interval decreased from 0.5 to 0.24 seconds
– Requires 25 Elite Points to start channeling and starts draining 3 Elite Points per 0.24 seconds after 2.4 seconds

– Decreased base attack damage from 85 to 75

– Removed knockback

Augmented Shield:
– Adaptive Power Dispense System absorb amount decreased from 280 to 140 for 3 seconds

Bola Shot:
– Decreased damage from 65 to 60

EMP Grenade
– Decreased damage from 95 to 80

Absorb Sphere:
– Cooldown set to 45 seconds
– Removed Elite Point costs

– Passive stealth radius decreased from 10 to 9

Throwing Knifes:
– Slow duration increased from 1.5 to 2 seconds

Double Kick:
– Removed knockback
– Removed disarm
– Decreased damage from 80 to 60 per hit
– Increased cooldown from 15 to 18 seconds
– Stuns the target for 1.2 seconds

Smoke Screen:
– Cooldown set to 75 seconds
– Removed Elite Point costs

Katana Slash:
– Removed stun
– Adds two stacks of Throwing Knife slow (40% slow)
– While using the skill (0.48 seconds) the recon is immune to damage

Tactical Grenade:
– Decreased delay from 0.3 to 0.2 seconds
– Increased radius from 2.5 to 2.8
– Increased projectile speed from 20 to 25

Protective Field:
– decreased absorb amount from 320 to 280
– decreased duration from 5 to 4 seconds

Scattershot (Tracer):
– Renamed to “Tracer”

Dual Strike:
– Creates an area (radius 2.5) at the position of the two nearest enemies within a range of 16
– After 1 second delay each enemies in the areas will get attacked by a drone
– Cooldown set to 30 seconds
– Removed Elite Point costs

To capture a Domination Point stand INSIDE of the circle! :>

Is currently capturing points and fragging while listening to …
Sepalot – Naughty Boy
The Prodigy – Invaders must die
Ramin Djawadi, Tom Morello – Pacific Rim (Tom Morello)
James Brown, 2Pac – Unchained (The Payback / Untouchable)



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